DUCKDUCKGO with Advance Features : Google

From past so many years, Web is ruled by Google, and it is hard to imagine search engine as same as Google. DuckDuckGo website has tried to become alternative of Google.

DuckDuckGo is a valuable search engine with interesting and different search tools and features which makes your search effective, great, and significant. It is different from other search engine because it does not track users, gather or share personal information, or use cookies.

Safe and Clean site

A very exciting site with beautiful logo and helpful links. No bar runs across the top of the page. It really looks clean and ordered site as compare to Google which is quite clean and ordered. When you go ahead and search for any item, you will definitely get clean and ordered search results page. Depends on the search term, DuckDuckGo displays few valuable things which are not displayed on Google, such as a definition or general information about whatever you search, Wikipedia information, their official site, and more. At the right of the window you will see some other searching options; you can use those options also to search particular Item.

For example:  If you search for “MakeMyTrip”, it will display all links related to MakeMyTrip such as a definition, Wikipedia information, Official site and many more without saving your identity and any other information and without sending it to third parties. When you click on any link to open it, DuckDuckGo redirects that request so the destination site doesn’t receive your search terms.

DuckDuckGo Important Features

DuckDuckGo fetches same result like other search engine, but it has some functionality which attracts the internet subscribers,

DuckDuckGo’s results pages are very much serialized, very easily and quickly you can scroll down and find what you are looking for.

Favicons; a small image that display at address bar and unique for all sites. It displays for DuckDuckGo site next to search results for instant recognition of your favorite sites.

Zero-click info; provides instant answer in one or two sentence. It gives you direct links to the main article pages so you don’t have to click around to find what you’re looking for.

Alternative to website provides information about alternatives to software or services that you search. Some time it is really useful to get alternative for a software that you search.

DuckDuckGo Browsing Shortcuts

DuckDuckGo provides facilities to search with number of sites, using either the dropdown menu next to the main search box, or the “bang” search shortcut. There are numbers of DuckDuckGo bang shortcuts, tops an extensive multitude of sites varying in topics from Study to Entertainment. In addition to advanced site search, DuckDuckGo gives what they call goodies, an interesting array of all types of search shortcuts, anything from different keyboard shortcuts to specialized cheat sheets.

DuckDuckGo’s Plugins and Tools

DuckDuckGo provides enough tools for navigators and researchers to search any kind of items.  Tools like; Wikipedia, official apps and add-ons for smartphones, Firefox, and all categories of actually valuable search tools that utilize DuckDuckGo‘s exclusive search results.

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