Developing SEO Tactics

When it comes to creating web traffic to a website, the key to driving people to a website is search engine optimization. Through the use of this very helpful tool, search engine websites such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and several others used are able to locate websites that pertain to a person’s keyword search. When using search engines, each search engine website has a different logarithm or formula that the web designers have used to help certain websites to be found. The average person who is looking for information on a website based on a particular topic will likely only browse through the first few search engine pages in order to find what it is that they are looking for. That is why search engine optimization is so important.

How SEO is Determined

It is not all just based on popularity of a website. One would think that the more people that visited the website, the higher it would rank on a search engine search. Instead, this is calculated based on backlinking (linking to other websites) and search engine optimization tactics. The most common search engine optimization method is the use of keywords and keyword phrases.


SEO flow chart on a whiteboard

How to Use Keywords

What happens is that websites often have article content or website content that has a few certain keyword phrases. If someone is looking for flights to South Africa, some of the keywords that they might type in are “flying South Africa” or “cheap flights to SA” for example. Companies with websites that offer these types of services need article and website content that include these keyword phrases so that they rank higher on search engine searches. Notice that for flying to South Africa, there is a variation of keyword phrases that all pertain to the same basic idea.

When people use certain keywords, those people that are conducting searches will find that the websites that have used these keywords will pop up higher in the search engine results. For businesses or e-commerce websites, this is very crucial to helping to edge out the competition. There are some methods for coming up with keywords and any website owner needs to consider each of the following questions when developing a keyword list.

What is the main product that we are promoting?

How can the website be promoted using keywords?

When answering these questions, a person then needs to sit down and think of as many keywords or keyword phrases that they can to come up with a general idea of what someone might type in to a search engine bar when looking for their product.

What Do You Do with the Keywords?

People who have websites often use these keywords to integrate them into article content. Articles about products should be informative and relevant but still use these keywords. It is not necessary to stuff an article full of keywords but instead to use relevant information and use a keyword phrase throughout the article in about 3% of the web content. Articles should be written and updated frequently and this is often outsourced to people that specialize in SEO writing.


SEO Tactics

Once these keyword phrases are used, step back and see what happens to web traffic and search engine results. Keep those articles fresh and update content frequently to the Internet to include hyperlinks to the website. Be patient and continue to think of more new ideas for keyword phrases and sit back and watch the traffic come in.

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