Creating Shared Photo Streams On iOS 6

There are a number of features available today that facilitates easy sharing of photos. Apple has now introduced a new feature, Shared Photo Streams on iOS that makes the whole process of sharing photos a whole lot easier.

Users having iOS 6 can now stream their photos directly onto other iOS devices through Shared Photo Streams. They can share or post photos to the Photo Stream Album that is hosted by iCloud. The photos that have been shared at the album will not count against the storage that the user has been allotted in iCloud. This will function over cellular and Wi-Fi data as well.

How to share Photo Steam Album?

You can share photos with other iOS users or by creating a Shared Photo Stream album on for non-iOS users, provided you have the new iOS 6. Here are the steps to make Shared Photo Streams on iOS 6.

    1. On your iOS device, launch the Photos app. At the bottom of your screen you can see the ‘Photo Stream’ tab, which has to be tapped to proceed.
    2. Tap the ‘+’ sign on the left corner of the top of the screen. A window appears on tapping this, requiring you to enter information regarding Shared Photo Stream. You have to enter email addresses of all those who you wish to share the Photo Stream with. Then, a name has to be given for the Photo Stream.

There is an option which allows you to make the Photo Stream accessible to public on This is not mandatory and you can decide whether to opt for it or not. Only if the Public Website switch is toggled to On people without iCloud accounts can view the shared album on iCloud website.

  1. Open Shared Photo Stream that you just created. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button present on the right corner on the top. After this, tap on ‘Add’ which comes at the bottom part of the screen. All that is left is for you to select the photos you want to share from your iOS device. When all the photos to be shared are selected, click on ‘Done’ option given at top right corner of the screen.
  2. An alternate method for adding photos is for you to tap ‘Edit’ button given on the top right part of the Camera Roll or an album. Select the required photos. Tap ‘Share’ button given at the bottom. After this, select ‘Photo Stream’, then the photo stream that you just created earlier. You can then leave a comment before submitting it.
  3. The selected photos will then be immediately pushed to the people invited to see the Shared Photo Stream. In the photos app, at the right of the Photo Stream, there is a blue arrow. On tapping this arrow, you can manage the subscriptions of the Photo Stream.
  4. People you have shared the photos with can then comment and like your photos through their iOS devices. You will also receive alerts when someone likes or comments on your shared photos. However, only you can add photos to your Photo Stream.


The Shared Photo Stream option of iOS 6 allows you to upload photos to a website at zero cost and share them with other iOS users. It is extremely helpful to share photos with family and friends who do not use iOS or iCloud as well. You can send these photos directly to other iOS devices or share them through

You can create a Photo Stream and add the email addresses of those who you want to share the album with. You can also make the album public on iCloud. The invited people can then like and comment on your shared photos.

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