Connecting Remotely to Windows from a Mac using RDP

RDP solutions are an intrinsic part of a productive remote workforce, but RDP functionality is usually limited on a platform-to-platform basis. A Windows computer connecting to another Windows computer is a fairly simple process — but what if you need to connect to a Windows computer from a Mac? You have two major options: you can use tools offered by Microsoft or an enterprise-level RDP solution. Of these two, the enterprise-level solution is very likely to be both easier and safer.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Corporation offers “Microsoft Remote Desktop” through the Mac App Store, which can be used on all OSX platforms. Using Microsoft Remote Desktop, an employee may switch from their desktop to a remote Windows computer on-the-fly. Though Microsoft Remote Desktop may work sufficiently for those who simply require a connection from Windows to Mac, it may not offer the enterprise-level security or features that a more dedicated solution can.

After downloading Microsoft Remote Desktop, the Windows computer that is going to be connected to will need to be setup to allow remote connections, just as it would need to be if another Windows computer was to connect to it. There are different connection settings depending on the version of Windows the computer is running, but any version of iOS should connect in the same way. Uniquely, Microsoft Remote Desktop allows iOS devices such as tablets and phones to also connect to a remote computer — though this is an area for the company’s mobile device management policy to consider, as it can represent some security risk apart from the usual considerations.

Use Enterprise-Level RDP Software Solutions

For companies interested in streamlining their enterprise-level RDP connections, it may be best to have a dedicated software solution. A company can establish a connection with RDP for Mac using Ericom software rather than having to create their own solution out of whole cloth. For companies with a large number of employees, this is undoubtedly the best solution, as it makes it much easier to set up new equipment. These solutions make the process of connecting to Windows from a Mac trivial enough that even untrained employees would be able to successfully navigate the process.

An enterprise-level RDP software solution is a better choice for companies than the Microsoft Remote Desktop client because it is able to offer monitoring and security features in addition to simply allowing a connection. Security is especially important, because when a client remotes into a network they gain access to everything that the computer can access — in other words, the majority of the internal network of the company. An enterprise-level solution will ensure that the company is protected.

Though connecting to Windows from a Mac may initially sound difficult, it’s actually nearly as simple as connecting from Windows to Windows computer. That being said, there are still complications that could arise if you don’t use a dedicated and secured solution for the connection.