Cloud Security: You can Rely Upon

Security threat is a big problem of your personal computer especially when you are using internet and sharing data system with another server. The researchers working on the security system and the hackers both of them have been inventing the parallel technologies to supersede each other for the last 10 to 12 years. And, the conclusion is your data is not secured.


Later, cloud system is evolved and people now saving their data in this system, but you don’t have any idea whose applications are sharing server space with you. So, the security concern still remained as it is there too.

However, in recent years, this problem is characteristically addressed by the two scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These two researchers proposed a technique i.e. “to disguise the memory-access patterns to prevent the computer hackers.” Over period of time, this technique is further improved. And, now it is getting implemented in the hardware systems. It is reported that this technique is effective in protecting data from the hackers.

How does this technology work?

When you need data from the stored place, normally you need to run a query, then system in order to fetch the particular data queries many other addresses existing that system as well. So, this process needed much more data than the necessary. Hence, to minimize these extra data, the researchers develop a technique to store memory addresses in a data structure. This structure is known as “Tree” in which each ‘node’ (i.e. person’s name) gets attached with one node (parent’s node) only, which is located just above. However, it may get connected to many nodes (Children’s node) located below it (as shown in the below image).


In this tree, every node is randomly assigned to a path. The sequence of nodes starting from the top to bottom of the tree has no backtracking. So, whenever a chip needs to store a data at a particular space, then it requests all other nodes’ data falling on the same path.

By the time, several researches have been done by the graduates of MIT to minimize the extra amount of data required and proved that the extracting data from such kind of system is very confusing for hackers; hence, it is more safe than the previous technology.

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