Chrome Extensions to Advance Your Social Media Skill

If there’s a single hub that bonds all of your talent together, it’s none other than your favourite browser Google Chrome that you can use on your mobile and desktop both.
After some research, I found a few Chrome extensions that may make your social media usage effective. If you can see, many famous social websites keep their things (features) simple that can be easily understandable by any one (new user too), but some social websites mash their all features that becomes very difficult to understand or don’t add users required features, those missing features you can get in extension form that can only be applicable to the trusted Google Chrome browser.
Let’s see, how these extensions are helpful socially,

1# Instagram For Chrome

Instagram can be used directly from google chrome browser. Its user-friendly interface provides flexible and full navigation; using it, you can easily surf, like, and comment on all the photos of your feed by clicking on the “@name” or “#hashtag”. Also, it provides back button to go back to the previous page.

2# LastPass: Free Password Manager

An award-winning password manager saves your passwords and keeps records of only your LastPass master password and user name, also provides auto-login feature to your sites and sync your passwords to all required places. So, using it you can securely access your computer and mobile devices.

3# Post To Tumblr

Post To Tumblr extension includes right-click-post functionality to the Google Chrome browser.
A simple way to post content you gets online to your Tumblr. To do so, just login to the Tumblr by giving username and password and choose whether you want to publish the posts automatically or in a queue/draft, etc, and then choose the element from the webpage and right-click on it, includes a highlighted portion of text to directly post it to your Tumblr.

4# Bitly Shortener for Chrome

If you’re interested to grow your social follower or scare to share your stuffs on Facebook and Twitter, use Bitly started as a link shortener, but now delivers analytics on those shortened links. If you are habitual of using it while posting social media, you can keep track of all activities.
This extension is better than other sites’ share buttons, permits you to customize your post, but don’t preview that how your post will look on Facebook, so to see that open Facebook. This extension was developed by a third-party developer not Bitly, so the Bitly don’t provide support.

5# Evernote Web Clipper

Easy to use tool with many features, allows you to save and organize your content to one of your notebooks instead of formatting a news article. You can use it for research project or recipe box too.

7# Pocket

Pocket is also called the DVR for content. Usually, people upload articles on the web to the mobile devices to read later. Pocket can be used to save articles to use them later.
It is better than any other tools like bookmarklet. If you are reading an article and due to some reason you are unable to read the article at that time, then click in my browser to save it.

8# GChat Pix

Using this extension, users can drag and drop their favourite images from their desktop into the chat field. On the chat field those images appear as a link for friends. Images in the chat field will be in original size.


Use all above extensions to become social, these extensions are very easy to use, very useful extensions for those social elements that don’t provide features as per the user requirement.

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