Blackberry-Can RIM compete with the big boys?

Blackberry is a brand of mobile phones developed by a Canadian telecommunication company called Research in Motion (RIM). Most of these Blackberry phones are smart phones and are popularly known for their ability to send and receive instant messages and push emails and maintaining a high standard of security by encryption. Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhones are the main competitors of Blackberry and Blackberry has had struggle to compete against these two, leading to rumors spreading that Blackberry will not survive. Despite this Blackberry has still managed to increase its numbers of active users from 2007 to 2012.



However, Android and iPhone have hit the market by storm ever since they were released and now the real question is can Blackberry survive and continue to compete with the big boys?

Blackberry’s attempts at a comeback:

There was a time when Blackberry seemed to be on its way to becoming a generic trademark, however since 2003 Blackberry’s firm price has hit its lowest. But RIM has a decided it’s time to take out the big guns and have devised a strategy which is the upcoming Blackberry 10. This is a very responsible move on behalf of the company as it will either restore the company’s position as a top selling mobile brand or it will be the end of the Blackberry series as we know it, once and for all, ending its hanging by a thread situation as it is right now.

One of the reasons Blackberry was lagging behind was its use of outdated hardware and software therefore this time Blackberry will try to eradicate that mistake. This time RIM is aggressively focusing on making Blackberry a modern smart phone. To restore its position RIM has to pull all the right strings and come up with a hardware and OS better than that of Android and iPhone. On the other hand killing away the keyboard devices might turn out to be a bad move because many businessmen and government officials such as Obama are known to be pretty fond of them.


Blackberry as Smartphone

Blackberry 10, a good move or a bad move?

Blackberry is betting that Blackberry 10 will be their way of a comeback. But is that a good idea or not? Most people argue that BB10 will only be a pity taker against the big boys and most probably will not be successful. They say that the company is putting too much at stake over one phone. Since Blackberry already has some faithful “Crackberry” addicts who cannot let go of the qwerty keyboards, email and Blackberry messenger (BBM) so it would be more beneficial if the company had played to its strengths by focusing more on what it does best rather than starting from scratch altogether! Another bad move that Blackberry is making is that it has declared that its older models will not be upgraded and that leaves a bad mark on its already faithful customers.

Despite what people say Blackberry has high hopes for BB10 and the Research in Motion spokesman declared that the Blackberry 10 will be based on full touch-screen technology putting it neck to neck with iPhone5 and Google’s Nexus. And this is a big risk to take. However, they are prepared to risk it all for the price of a new image and restored market value. If Blackberry plays its cards right it still has a shot at survival and it seems like it has what it takes, but Blackberry 10 will be the answer to all these questions. Only time will unveil the fate of Blackberry.

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