Awesome YouTube Tips & Tricks

Now, how new technologies have made our life easier. Similarly, no one wants to read stuffs, everyone wants to watch video.
YouTube is a most famous and user-friendly video flowing website, displays videos of songs & music, live news & games, tutorials on software technologies, services & gadget, and many-more stuffs.
This post aims to provide tricks that will enhance more dimensions to your skill on the YouTube platform.

Automatically replay the favorite video

Some videos you really like and want to see again and again, but sometime it is really irritating to hit replay every time whenever you reach near to the end, it really makes you angry.
So, why to make your-self angry; why not to initiate the looping feature?
To do so, just use the same video, the only thing you have to do; replace YouTube with “infinitelooper” in the URL and hit enter, it will redirect you to another YouTube third-party site where you will get option of looping selected portions of the video.

High-Definition Video settings

Sometimes, the video you play that automatically set to default where the video quality will be low which irritates you at the time of watching video. Why you should watch low quality video, if it is easy to watch HD videos in simple steps?
To do so, use the extension “Magic Actions for Youtube”, enable the “Auto HD” option and choose the video resolution, using this extension you can set the volume too. It works on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Specific Keyword Search Result

Youtube contains billions of videos and many videos are on same kind of application/technology with some information changes. Among all those videos you want to fetch and see specific video with specific information, you have tried hard and wasted your lots of time then to you didn’t get success. Here is the solution, just add “allintitle:” before the keywords you are search for “allintitle:” will provide only specific keyword search result.

Watch quality video in Slow Internet Speed

Thus, your internet connection is slow; YouTube is taking so much time to upload the particular video you want to watch, then what to do?
Use YouTube feature ‘Feather” Beta facilitates users to watch video in slow internet connection. This feature provides you clean and robust video by cutting some features of You Tube.

Convert your video into a GIF

You convert any video into GIF by adding “gif” before “” in the URL. For example “”
Once you have placed the “gif” before “” and pressed OK, it will redirect you to gif making tool page is helpful in cutting the video into smaller section and making into GIF. It creates the GIF in a minute, only you need to fix the starting point from where the gif will start and the end point where the gif will end.


YouTube is a most popular place where users can watch any kind of video and its features makes it more appealing. Very less video making websites provide these many facilities, very less website facilitates you to watch video in slow internet connection. YouTube is a place where users get all necessary features required to watch quality video.

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