Android Apps for Longer Battery Life

In the market place, there are various smartphone with smart new technologies and features, the smart and advance features fulfil all the needs required by user. The new model of Smartphone comes with beautiful and neat design and higher mega-pixel camera, but apart from all interesting things the best thing is; Smartphone comes with longer battery-life. According to the IDC survey; Android customers 56%, iPhone customers 49%, – maximum numbers of Android customers are there in the market due to its longer battery.

Suppose, you are in a place where you can’t charge your phone, at that time definitely you like to run your phone battery for a longer period. Simply you can’t increase you phone battery life, for that either; you have to enable some inbuilt features come with phone or you have to use some apps.
Here, in this post, I have explained some Android friendly apps that will be surely helpful in increasing the battery life of your Android device.

1# 2 Battery – Battery Saver

2 Battery; a battery saver app comes with neat and handy features are helpful in saving android battery efficiently by using a cool procedure to turn the Internet connection on/off. Its in-built screen filter facilitates you to decrease the screen brightness of the phone and switch-off the screen automatically when you keep the phone inside the pocket or on the desk. Company facilities you to try the PRO version of 2 Battery for a day and if you are unsatisfied with the app the money will be refundable. To know more about this, visit the Google store page.

2# Battery Save Booster

Battery Save Booster; an easy to use power booster app provides easy and simple way to increase the battery life of your Android device in single click and also gives warning when the battery is low. To know more about this app, visit the Google store page.

3# DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver; a free android compatible battery saving app comes in pre-set power management modes (Long Standby, General Mode and Sleep Mode) are capable to increase 50% battery life of any Android devices. Apart from pre-set power management modes, it facilitates users to do their own setting through customized setting mode. If you like to increase you battery life up-to 70%, upgrade the app. To know more about the DU Apps, visit the official website.

4# COMODO Battery Saver

COMODO Battery Saver; an interesting power saving device saves you phone battery easily by switching your device to power saving mode and by disabling power hungry applications. Also, it displays which applications are consuming more battery and alert you when the batter has been fully charged. To know more about this COMODO Battery Saver, visit the Google store page.

5# JuiceDefender – Battery Saver

JuiceDefender; also an easy to use power saver free app, useful in increasing the battery life of the Android devices. Due to its strong 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity, and CPU speed, users can easily control and manage the power consumption. It provides 5 pre-set power saving profiles and you can also customize your own profile. For further information, visit the Google store page.

6# Snapdragon Battery Guru

Snapdragon Battery Guru; a battery life prolonger app automatically read and understands the uses of your smartphone and adjust the settings on that basis. 2-3 days Snapdragon notices the uses of the battery and then says that the app is ready to increase the battery-life of the device. For further details, visit the Snapdragon official website.


Due to increasing numbers of customers, Smartphone market is in top and day-by-day it is growing high. Today, maximum number of people are purchasing smart phone every day. The latest version of smart phone comes with neat design and clear and easy features that can be understandable by everyone. There are many applications in the market that are good enough to increase the battery life of the smartphone device which is the most important part of any device. Read all above apps that will be surely helpful if you use android smartphone device frequently.

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