Analytical tools for healthy Twitter marketing

Twitter is one of the excellent Social media resource of communication and fun, communication can be with any one; with friends, fans, employees, twits, strangers, etc. These communications can be funny, knowledgeable, interesting, and creative. Many people use Twitter for just communication and many to market their-self, for business, and to display and sell their products and services, business through Twitter needs more and more afford.
To help their lovers, Twitter provides Twitter Analytics and many other tools that make their lovers to do their task efficiently and confidently. Twitter Analytics come with many tools and functions, these websites facilitate you things like; score, graphs, etc.
Let’s have a look at some tools are helpful in identifying the performance of your Twitter account,

1# Twitter Counter

Twitter counter is a safer site requires Twitter users to link their Twitter account to their app to access this site. It provides some interesting tools like; Twitter Widget and Profile Checker, Twitter widget facilitates you to see who all are visited to your site or blog and Profile Checker provides some helpful tips to find and analyse your Twitter account and to boost your Twitter network.

It’s API Shows top 100 Twitter Users information like; their number of tweets, followers or people who follow them, users can also fetch any kind of information from it. The plugins of the website browser (Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox ) facilitates many features, such as; Recommendations, Performance Overviews, Average Interactions and many-more that can be helpful for Twitter marketing, you can also upgrade them while spending little money. To get more information on Twitter Counter, visit the website: “”

2# PeerIndex

PeerIndex delivers unique feature social media analytics called as “Topic Fingerprint” to the users. It is a graph that shows all the topics on which you have tweeted about, PeerIndex rank facilitates three components, such as; Authority, Audience and Activity. It provides Trend Alerts and Track Communities provides vision of trending and helps you in getting vision about your audience, facilitates to discover the popular content and to see what has been shared within the Twitter community.

It’s also provides Search Influencers and Track Lists, Search Influencers allow user to search for influencers within communities or across Twitter and Track Lists allow users to track their favourite one. Its Reporting & Analysis feature can screen, measure and relate your act against that participant.
PeerIndex’s all services are not free, provides different membership plans to avail all services. To get all service, here you don’t have to tie your Twitter account to PeerIndex. To get more information of the PeerIndex, visit the site: “”.

3# Tweetails

Tweetails is a free and great tool, given by MEMSET, used to calculate statistics from your tweets or from anyone else’s tweets based on various factors where tweets are written in English, more focus on users who frequently come to your Twitter account. It also shows and calculates intelligence rating basis of various factors, such as; unique content on a user’s feed, vocabulary diversity, and syllables per words among other things.

Tweetails in the market present itself as an intelligent tool with the removal of 1,000 most common English words during calculation. To use this app, connect it with your Twitter account. To get more information on this app, visit the website: “”.

4# Twitter Analytics

Twitter analyses your Twitter account through Twitter Analytics, not just for business users for everyone.

The site displays in three different parts: Tweets, Followers and Twitter Cards. Tweets provides a summary of your tweets and the impressions detail, Followers provide detailed information about your followers/audience and Twitter Cards facilitates you to upload huge media experiences of your content to Tweets that displays after the approval. To get more information on Twitter Analytics, visit the site: “”

5# Twitonomy

Twitonomy is an analytics tool to get analytics about a Twitter account. It displays to whom you follow and who follow you, tweets and keywords searched from your favorite users.

Search analytics can also be transferred on any keyword, @users, URL or hashtags. It monitors your Twitter’s account followers progress and the number of clicks on the links tweeted by your Twitter account. To get more information on this tool, visit the website “”.


As I mentioned above, many people use Twitter to market themselves (or create stronger position in the market) to boost their online business, and to strengthen their connection with friends, relatives, organization, etc. Due to its increasing popularity, Twitter provides many tool and Analytical tool to help their lovers.

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