A Personalized Vanity URL For Facebook Fan Page

You might have seen a lot of fan pages in Facebook. If you have a fan page in Facebook, this tutorial will help you personalize the page’s URL and make it more attractive. Presently, the Facebook fan page URL will be a confusing combination of the page name and numbers.

Somebody with a fan page in Facebook will find the fan page URL quite cumbersome to memorize. With this article you will be able to change the fan page URL to your liking, making it fancy and interesting. Getting a Vanity URL in Facebook is quite simple, but to do so you should have a fan page in Facebook.

Conditions for a Vanity URL

For a vanity URL, you need to have a fan page in your name, created by yourself. Your fan page should have at least 25 likes. If this page is your first fan page, you should be able to skip this as Facebook reportedly removed this requirement for first time fan page owners.
Now follow the steps to get a unique URL for your fan page

  • Step 1: Open your browser
  • Step 2: Copy this link and paste it on your browser search tab – http://facebook.com/username
    Note: Custom URLs are also known as Usernames or Vanity URLs. Don’t get confused if the page displays a username. Changing the URL or customizing it won’t have any effect on your original Facebook username which you use to log in to Facebook.Facebook log in page
  • Step 3: Log in with your Facebook ID and Password. The page will display ‘Your username is already set’. The next box will show ‘Each page can have a user name’. You will notice a dropdown box there.
  • Step 4: Click on the dropdown box and select your fan page. On the right side of the dropdown box, there will be an empty field displaying ‘Enter your desired username’.
  • Step 5: Click on the field and enter a username. This username will be your custom URL for the page that you selected.facebook fan page
  • Step 6: Click the ‘Check availability’ button. If the URL is not available, Facebook will display the message. Type a different username and click on ‘Check Availability’ again. If the URL is available, a new popup box will appear. This box will have more details. If you are sure your username follows all conditions in the popup box,Facebook vanity URL image
  • Step 7: Click on ‘Confirm’. You now have a new custom URL for your fan page, which can be used in Facebook and anywhere else to promote your page.

Facts to keep in mind

The custom URL you choose that seems available in Facebook can be a page that was deleted before you created the page. It may come back. However Facebook recently claimed that they are not releasing URLs. So the URL you want may not be available most possibly.


Popular people primarily create fan pages in their name in Facebook mainly for marketing or keeping in touch with their fans and followers. Having fan pages in Facebook is a big deal. If there are a lot of viewers and activities in the fan page, then its URL have to be promoted and published as well. With a URL full of numbers, it would seem awkward and is difficult to memorize.

With a few simple clicks, you will be able to personalize the URLs of your fan page and give it a fancier username (URL), which everybody will find interesting. Having a fancy Vanity URL will also make it popular, reaching more people and getting them interested. However, it’s recommended that you follow Facebook’s policies for using a customized URL.

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