Arrange the following lengths in their increasing magnitude:
1 meter, 1 centimeter, 1 kilometer, 1 millimeter.

AcademicPhysicsNCERTClass 6

Given: some lengths as below

1 meter, 1 centimeter, 1 kilometer,1 millimeter.

To do: To arrange the given lengths in increasing magnitude.


The increasing order of the given lengths is as follows:

We know, that $1\ cm=10\ mm$

$1\ meter=100\ cm=100\times 10=1000\ mm$

$1\ kilometer=1000\ m=1000\times100\times10=10,000,00$

Now arranging in ascending order,

$1\ milllimeter<10\ millimeter<1000\ millimeter<10,000,00\ millimetre$

Or $1\ millimeter<1\ centimeter<1\ meter<1\ kilometer$

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