Arrange the following elements in the order of their decreasing metallic character Na, Si, Cl, Mg, Al
  1. Cl > Si >Al > Mg >Na
  2. Na >Mg >Al >Si > Cl
  3. Na > Al > Mg > Cl > Si
  4. Al > Na> Si > Ca> Mg

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Correct answer: (b) Na > Mg > Al > Si > Cl

Explanation:   Metals lie on the extreme left side of the periodic table. Metallic character decreases from left to right in a period. Na, Si, Cl, Mg, Al belong to the same period in the order Na, Mg, Al, Si, Cl. On moving in a period from left to right, the metallic character decreases. Thus, the order of decreasing metallic character is: Na > Mg > Al > Si > Cl.

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