Are snails unisexual or bisexual?

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There are many interesting facts about snails. They are both aquatic and terrestrial. They belong to Gastropoda family and they adapt to seas or freshwater bodies and can also live exclusively on land in humid areas.

A great feature of snails is they continuously evolve to survive the conditions around them.

The Snail shell, which is their characteristic feature is made of calcium carbonate which keeps growing as long as the snail grows. The shells grow to fit the entire snail body inside. This helps to protect their soft body and internal organs.

The biological features of snails are equally fascinating. Most of them are hermaphrodites, meaning that a single snail has both male and female reproductive organs. However, they usually mate in the “traditional” way with a partner and lay eggs. Very few species of snails have sex differentiation, either male or female exclusively.

Updated on 05-May-2022 11:00:57