Are dogs more loyal than cats?Jusify

Yes, dogs are far more loyal, helpful, obedient, caring and affectionate than cats. This is because cats don't care: they only want you for food and that's about it. I remember when I was reluctant to buy a dog as a pet, my sister who already owns a pet dog told me, “A dog is a family, a cat is merely a pet”. How correct she was!

My Experience

Within these a few months with my pet, I realized dogs actually help we humans in daily life from helping the disabled and to simple things like fetching the newspaper in the morning when you are lazy enough to get out of your bed.

Why Dogs are More Dear

It is a commonly known fact and observation that dogs are more likely to be motivated by social rewards. Cats may respond to verbal praise while dogs do not. But still, cats may not do anything other than be merry on hearing the praise. In fact, most cats would run away when the owner cries while dogs comfort their owners.