Archana Rao: A Creative Fashion Designer

The name “Archana Rao” is very famous in the field of fashion design. She is a well-known fashion designer. She graduated from the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology. She began portraying herself as a successful person right away. She won the “Best Design Collection” award for her collection in the year 2007. From there, she started to not stop and went to the Parson School of Design, New York. During her college days, she decided to showcase herself as the best designer and let the world know about her design skills. She was selected to showcase her graduation collection at Lord and Taylor, New York at the prestigious Pearson line debut in 2009.

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Her form of action in this field are aesthetics and are mostly simple and minimalistic. She loves the form of a garment and she always loves to modify it with all her skills and talent. She loves to do experiments with the form of cloth.

Frou Frou

She launched her own label in the year 2011, which is named Frou Frou. “FROU FROU” usually means the rustling sound of fabric. This brand mainly focuses on the trending and lovely designs of the youth. They include simple shapes, crisp folds, and ombre effects. The silhouettes and hidden details in these designs are ultra-simple and timeless.

Her work

She has been encouraged to showcase her collections at Lakme Fashion Week. Her fashion pieces have occupied almost all the exhibitions in India. Those trending designs from her brand are getting retailed from the college of Chennai, Anahita. Not only from there, but her brands are also retailed from The Project in Hyderabad, Keitaro in Kolkata, Rudraksha in Pune, and Attic in Mumbai. This brand is available at the global level under the same name at Laki Noon in Kuwait.

Among her most notable works

She has worked on some Telugu movies, such as Mahanati. Mahanati is her first movie. Her interest in the movie came through the script of the movie. Indrakshi, one of her friends, also worked with her. The director of the movie, Nagi, is one of the dearest friends of the designer, Archana. She is very glad to be launched by this kind of classic-feeling director. She debuted her label in the year 2012 at Lakme Fashion Week, India. Not only this, she has also won the Vogue Indian Fashion Fund. Her aesthetic appeals have reached almost all the audiences in the country.

Her experience with Mahanati

Her experience with Mahanati was one of a kind. She used to imagine all the clothes of those people of that era. This one has made her do some great work as a designer. The most interesting thing that fascinated her most was the designs of the past years. Because it is very difficult to go through the past figures of those people whose pictures are not even available nowadays, she had to work on those and she had to put all her efforts in order to make a beautiful design for a person who’s acting like he’s living in that era.

Why Art?

Her answer to the question “Why do you choose design?” is that she loves to participate in the best form of art. She loves to do more research in the field of design and loves to do much in the field of costume design. She added that she wishes to explore different kinds of artforms from different generations and loves to make improvements to those artforms.


Archana Rao is a very famous and notable artist, designer, painter, and costume maker. This has led her to pave a new path in the field of costume design. Her work in the field of costume design is simple and minimalistic. Her collections in the field of costume designing are the most viral and have been showcased at various places in the country and have been applauded for her work in this field. Her work for the film Mahanati was unforgettable and will be remembered for years.


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