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Applied Marketing: Marketing Made Easy
Learn the Principle of Marketing

    • Marketing and the Firm
      9 Lectures
    • Situational Marketing Analysis
      8 Lectures
    • Microenvironments - Industry and Market
      15 Lectures
    • Formulating a Marketing Plan – Building Components
      13 Lectures
    • Executing the Marketing Plan
      6 Lectures
    • Case Studies & Additional Resources
      1 Lectures
  • Description

    Are you interested in a career within the world of marketing? 

    You have come to the right place! Learn the principles of Applied Marketing here. 

    Throughout this course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of business marketing strategy viewed from the perspective of the business manager. We will study the five main areas of applied marketing: 

    1. Strategy and Business - Identify the Strategy of a Company, Why Crafting and Executing Strategy Are Important Tasks, The Ideology of Strategy, The 3C Model and the Triple Bottom Line, Management By Objectives (MBO). 
    2. Strategic Management Approaches - Prescriptive Strategy, Emergent Strategy, Game Theory, Models of Decision Making, Dominant Themes - Digital Disruption, Corporate Governance and Ethical Leadership.  
    3. Corporate Planning - Evaluating the External Environment of a Company, Buyer/Customer Power, Suppliers and Rivalry, Critical Success Factors, Balanced Scorecard, Competitive Strengths Assessments. 
    4. Building Your Firm's Business Strategy - The 5 Generic Competitive Strategies, Low-Cost Provider Strategies, Offensive and Defensive Strategies, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, Building Corporate Level Strategy and Crafting New Strategic Moves.  
    5. Building Strategy for the Future - Functional Level Strategy, Globalizing Your Strategy, Major Driver for Expansion, Strategy and the Future: Strategic Planning and Sense Making, Core Strategic Thinking. 

    Follow along as we provider you with the skills to effectively evaluate, manage and design the marketing knowledge and functions to contribute to a firm's future direction through applying modern applied marketing thought for managers. 

    Why wait? Don't miss this fantastic opportunity! 

    What Will I Get ?

    • In this course you will learn key marketing concepts including the principles of marketing, the marketing planning process and marketing environmental analysis. I
    • In this course you will learn how to analyse the marketing environment by using tools such as PESTLE, Five-Forces, SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Value Chain and Marketing Plan Templates.
    • In this course you will learn how to examine current marketing practice in a diverse range of marketing contexts, and you will be introduced to the marketing functions required to establish competitive positioning and manage marketing decisions in the fir
    • This course will provide you with the skills to effectively evaluate, manage and design the marketing function and contribute to a firm’s future marketing direction through applying modern marketing thought.


    • Basic Computer Fundamentals & Terminologies
    • A computer installed with Windows/Linux /OS X
    • Internet Connectiong
    • PDF Reading Software, such as Free Adobe Reader
Applied Marketing: Marketing Made Easy
This Course Includes :

56 mins

52 Lectures

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