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Deep sleep in Arduino

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 14:01:24
The equivalent of deep sleep in Arduino would be the Power Down mode, which consumes the least power out of all the sleep modes. While this has already been covered in another article, but for the sake of completeness, here’s a brief on the sleep modes in Arduino.Arduino’s microcontroller, ATmega328P ... Read More

Make the Arduino sleep and then wake up

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:52:39
In this article, we will, as the title suggests, make the Arduino sleep, and wake it up using an interrupt. Arduino’s microcontroller, ATmega328P has 6 sleep modes, of which 5 are available with the avr/sleep.h library. Each mode has different wake-up modes and different power consumption.Arduino’s microcontroller, ATmega328P has 6 ... Read More

Arduino Time Library Introduction

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:49:51
The Time library provides you with timekeeping functionality on the Arduino. The latest version of the library is documented here.To install it, search for Time in the Library Manager and install the library by Michael Margolis.You’ll have to scroll a bit to find this library.Once the library is installed, if ... Read More

Real Time Clock (RTC) with Arduino

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:45:25
An RTC module keeps track of time once an initial time input is provided to it. This input can come from several sources (NTP, GPS, etc.). The RTC module usually comes with its own crystal oscillator, and even its own battery, so that the timekeeping continues, even if there is ... Read More

Browse Arduino libraries by Category on Arduino Website

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:42:16
Follow the steps given below to browse Arduino libraries by category on Arduino website −Go to http://arduino.cc/Click Documentation → ReferenceClick Libraries from the left menu.The libraries can now be found in the categorized form on this pageClick the category of your interest and explore the available libraries.Read More

Goto in Arduino

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:38:41
goto is a control structure in Arduino, like in C, and it is used to transfer the program flow to another point in the program. It is highly discouraged, as many programmers agree that you can write every algorithm you want without the use of goto.Excessive use of goto makes ... Read More

Reference and dereference operator in Arduino

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:35:49
The reference (&) and dereference operators (*) in Arduino are similar to C. Referencing and dereferencing are used with pointers.If x is a variable, then its address is represented by &x.Similarly, if p is a pointer, then the value contained in the address pointed to by p is represented by ... Read More

Compound operators in Arduino

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:33:36
Compound operators in Arduino work just like in C, and they help save you some writing time, and also reduce the number of lines in your code. As the name seems to suggest, compound operators combine multiple operators.The following table lists the compound operators in Arduino.Assume that a and b ... Read More

Convert variables from one type to another in Arduino

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:32:05
In order to convert variables from one type to another, you use the CAST operator. The syntax is −(type) var;Where var is the variable to be casted, and type is the new type to which you wish to convert it. For example, if you have a variable of type float, ... Read More

Arduino Uno vs STM32duino (Blue Pill)

Yash Sanghvi
Published on 31-Jul-2021 13:29:00
We will have a comparison of the specifications of Arduino Uno and the STM32 Blue Pill Board.Arduino UnoSTM32duino (Blue Pill)UnoSTM32 Blue PillGeneralDimensions2.08¨ x 0.9¨4¨ x 2.1¨Pricing$20-23$3-5ConnectivityI/O Pins1437PWM Pins615Analog In Pins610Analog Out Pins (DAC)--ComputingProcessorATMega328PSTM32F103C8T6Flash Memory32 kB64 kBSRAM2 kB20 kBEEPROM1 kB-Clock speed16 MHz72 MHzVoltage Level5V3.3VUSB ConnectivityStandard A/B USBMicro-USBCommunicationHardware Serial Ports13SPI SupportYes (1x)Yes ... Read More
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