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What actually made Apple a trillion dollar company?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 11:10:52
It’s been now 42 years when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Inc with a promise to keep revolutionizing lives and they have kept their promise too brilliantly until now. This is why they have done what other companies only wish to achieve. Congratulations Apple for setting ... Read More

What are the other expressions for the word ‘Amazing’?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:50:07
Stop using ‘Amazing’ and end up being considered an amateur! Rather, try these expressions instead and get labelled as seasoned.AdorableAlluringAmbrosialAstonishingAstoundingAwe-InspiringAwesomeBeauteousBeautifulBewitchingBeyond WordsBlue-ribbonBonnyBreathtakingBrilliantCapitalCaptivatingCharmingClassyDarlingDauntingDazzlingDelectableDelicateDeliciousDelightfulDevineElegantEnchantingEnthrallingEnticingEtherealExaltedExcellentExceptionalExhilaratingExquisiteExtraordinaryFabulous (absolutely, dahling!)FantasticFascinatingFearsomeFetchingFirst-classFirst-rateGloriousGorgeousGracefulGrandHeavenlyIdealImpressiveIncomparableInconceivable (for my fellow Princess Bride fans)IncredibleIndescribableIneffableInspiringIrresistibleLovelyLusciousMagneticMagnificentMajesticMarvelousMesmerizingOutstandingProdigiousRadiantRapturousRavishingRefinedResplendentSavoryScrumptiousSensualSexyShockingSpectacularSplendidStaggeringStrikingStunningStupefyingSublimeSuperbSupremeSurprisingTantalizingThrillingTop-notchTranscendentTremendousUnbelievableUnearthlyUnutterableUpliftingWonderfulWondrousYummyAnd, if you totally amazed then this one.... (+_ +)Amazeballs

Can I opt for the EMI option using my debit card on e-commerce websites?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:46:45
The online market is worth millions at the moment and there is a complete generation who loves shopping online, especially on EMI. I also purchased a Smart Television on last Diwali and that too on EMIs and still paying. However, I have the satisfaction of giving this as a surprise ... Read More

What is the most amazing wild-life picture you have every seen?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:42:03
I came across this picture when I was looking for some online lessons for my studies and got quite surprised the moment it flashed in front of my eyes. I don't know whether it's morphed or not but the picture really amused me. I hope this is an original click ... Read More

Who has delivered the fastest ball in the history of cricket?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:38:06
When we hear the fastest ball, the fierce faces of all fast bowlers and their tough looks start striking our mind. It includes Wasim Akram, Courtney Walsh, Chaminda Vaas, Umar Gul, etc. But the question still remains unanswered that who among the fast bowler fraternity has done this miracle.Well, the ... Read More

What is the best answer to why do you want to switch your current job?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:33:49
Here are some of the most common and simple to explain reasons for leaving a job:The desire to learn.The desire to take on more responsibility.The desire to take on less responsibility.The desire to relocate.The desire for a career change.The desire to gain a new skill or grow a current skill.The ... Read More

What is Methanol and why is it considered an alternative cooking fuel?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:30:19
Methanol is a clean burning drop in fuel and can replace both petrol, and diesel in transportation and LPG, wood, kerosene in cooking fuel.Why Is Methanol Essential?To sustain our energy needs in the future, alternative forms of energy is the only way out. Methanol will not just mitigate the environmental ... Read More

When did Asia Cup cricket tournament start?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:25:28
Recently, India beat Bangladesh by three wickets in the final of Asia Cup and clinched the Asia Cup title once again. However, do you know when this tournament first occurred? Let's dig out the history.Actually, when the Asia Cricket Council was formed in 1983, the council came up with this ... Read More

When are you supposed to leave a job?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:20:47
This is not true that everyone leaves a job in frenzy. Sometimes things in personal and professional life go asymmetrical and one has to leave a job. However, champions know how and when to leave a job. Let’s know about it:The Gallop Poll happened in 2014 reveals that 68% of ... Read More

What is the difference between on, over, and above?

Vihan Rodrigues
Published on 30-Jan-2019 10:17:09
All these are prepositions and impart a sense of being something on the top of some other object. Therefore, we can say that all of them have a similar meaning-not largely but at least to some extent. However, similar meaning yet varied definitions still confuse many learners. So, here I ... Read More