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How to survive teenage depression?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 13:10:07
Let’s go for it, teenagers get temperamental and unhappy. It’s a part of their biological personality. As hormones are running through their bodies, their emotions leap on that similar commotion. So teenagers tend to go into depression.If you find your teenager in depression, you can follow these methods.Discuss with them: ... Read More

How to prevent gestational diabetes?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 13:07:32
Gestational diabetes is a non-permanent condition that can happen during pregnancy. If you have Gestational Diabetes, it means you have higher blood sugar levels than usual during pregnancy. Roughly 9% of pregnant women go through gestational diabetes. If you have gestational diabetes, it’s necessary to get it checked and treated ... Read More

How to get rid of Love Bites?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 13:02:32
In the middle of your busy plans, you and your loved one attempt and spare as much time as possible to catch up some romantic moments together. And there are times when you get a bit of naughty, and in the heat of the time, the naughty act leaves dark ... Read More

What are some natural Contraceptives?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 12:30:58
One of the insecurities of birth control pills is that these pharmaceuticals hinder the normal job of a woman’s ovaries, hence impeding with their advantageous results. Birth control pills help a woman from refraining an unwanted pregnancy, but also play with the Estrogen levels in a woman which is quite ... Read More

What are the 5 most common teenage problems? what are the solutions?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 12:26:53
Teenage is not a simple time for kids or parents. The best way to cope with requirements and issues at this age is to be aware of them and be prepared to face them. Here is our list of the most usual issues and their solutions that teenagers have to ... Read More

What are the diet restrictions for a woman with gestational diabetes?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 12:24:16
Eating fine assists all women to remain healthy during pregnancy. But if you have gestational diabetes, selecting the correct food to consume is even more essential. That's because many women with gestational diabetes can handle their situation by going through a healthy eating routine, observing their blood sugar, and working ... Read More

What are the effects of gestational diabetes on the baby?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 12:21:19
When you're expecting a baby, the hormonal changes may increase your blood sugar levels, resulting in Gestational Diabetes. It is not an alarming situation, but Gestational diabetes will increase pregnancy difficulties. After you're detected with diabetes, Your Gynic will observe yours and your baby's health strictly for the rest of ... Read More

What do you mean by Teen Stress?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 12:17:47
Teens are under more pressure in recent times than ever before. In spite of the fact that we are frequently vulnerable to exaggeration, think about this, being a teenager is not uncomplicated.Teenage has always been a difficult growing stage explained by basic, yet somewhat tough changes experienced by teens as ... Read More

What do you think is the main cause for teenage depression?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 11:44:52
Adolescence can be an extremely stormy and tough time even for a well-organized teen. Sadness triggers teenagers and adults similarly and can have extensive inference when young people go through from emotional problems that they aren’t certain how to handle.After observing the indications of sadness it is essential to get ... Read More

What is called "Angle of Banking"?

Vandana Rao
Published on 21-Feb-2019 11:36:50
The occurrence of lifting the outer border of the curved road over the inner border is to give necessary combining force to the vehicles to take a guarded turn and the curved road is termed as Banking of Roads. When a vehicle prevails around a curved road, it needs some ... Read More