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What is a sonnet in English literature?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:36:35
A small lyric poem of fourteen lines is a sonnet. There are two types of Sonnets: the Italian (Petrarchan) and the English (Shakespearean).In the Italian form, There are two intrinsic divisions: the first part consists of 8 lines and the second part is of 6 lines, in all making 14 ... Read More

What pleases women more- flowers or jewellery?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:33:10
FlowersFlowers are the first love of girls. If a fragrant rose is gifted to her, she will surely blush and her cheeks will reflect her inner state of happiness. Thus, they are cheap yet not so unthoughtful natural beauties (flowers) can bring a smile to the natural beauties (females).JewelleryTo add ... Read More

Is life really a celebration?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:28:35
The Poisonwood Bible says, “To live is to be marked. To live is to change, to acquire the words of a story, and that is the only celebration we mortals really know.”I admit it is difficult to think positively in challenging situations because our mind is occupied with several things. ... Read More

Do whatsapp emoticons depict all our emotions perfectly?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:25:07
Whatsapp is a boon, especially to the young generations nowadays due to the features it holds like Voice call, video calls, chat options, etc. Not only this, but the emoticons are also marvellously in trend.Emoticons: These are simple and cute pictures which are used to depict your emotions. Some of ... Read More

Is food an offering to the soul?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:21:52
In the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krishna states, "If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water, I will accept it blissfully." From this verse, it is understood that we can offer Krishna foods prepared from milk products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. Meat, fish, ... Read More

Which out of tea or coffee is more soothing?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:18:48
There are quite a few myths and tales flying around about tea and that is whether tea has more caffeine than coffee: some interesting, but some are definite when comparing a standard cup of tea to a standard cup of coffee, there is half the amount of caffeine in your ... Read More

What are clauses in English Grammar?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:11:08
Clauses are defined as the words, consisting of a subject and a finite form of a verb. Every complete sentence is made up of at least one clause.There are Two Major Types of ClausesIndependent clausesDependent clausesLet us have a look at the sentences belowMia bought a new computer. (One sentence, one ... Read More

Are dogs more loyal than cats?Jusify

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:07:46
Yes, dogs are far more loyal, helpful, obedient, caring and affectionate than cats. This is because cats don't care: they only want you for food and that's about it. I remember when I was reluctant to buy a dog as a pet, my sister who already owns a pet dog ... Read More

Does littering make one uncivilised?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 08:04:12
What is Litter?A piece of rubbish or waste disposed improperly at a wrong location is called Litter. A small piece of litter leads to garbage that by covering the earth endangers the flora and fauna and slowly causes diseases if not recycled properly.This is because when littered, these chemicals can ... Read More

Are punctuation marks a guide to good communication?

Ridhi Arora
Published on 21-Feb-2019 07:59:38
Punctuation marks date back to at least the 5th century BC when there were hardly any insights to writing and there were only capital letters. While the basic rules of communication are not difficult to understand, still a confusion always bothers us during our interaction using British English or American English.Uses ... Read More
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