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Why do most of the Indian Deo Ads employ Bengali ladies?

Rani RPS
Published on 08-Feb-2019 10:55:23
I am not sure whether all the women who acted in Deodorant ads are Bengali ladies or not, but one thing is common in all the deodorant advertisements when a well-sculpted man applies deodorant, women get attracted to him.I do not understand what they want to prove in that ad ... Read More

If you could change something about your home, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do?

Rani RPS
Published on 08-Feb-2019 10:52:38
I love Indoor plants. If I have to change my home without worrying about money or mess, I would prefer to get a handful of indoor plants. I can have plants in my living room, dining area, windows, balconies and even in bathrooms.Even in the bedroom, we can have some ... Read More

What to do – When got married to a WRONG Guy?

Rani RPS
Published on 08-Feb-2019 10:47:36
We all marry for a reason and invite people into our lives whom we think perfect for us. Then why does the question arise that We got married to a Wrong Guy? Is your judgment wrong or are you really with a wrong guy?Most of the time it is the ... Read More