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PHP CompileError

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 11:29:05
IntroductionIn PHP 7.3 onwards, CompileError exception has been added. This class inherits Error class. Some error conditions that previously resulted in fatal error, now throw a CompileError. This affects compilation errors that are likely to be thrown by token_get_all() function.The token_get_all() function uses Zend lexical scanner to parse a given string ... Read More

PHP DivisionByZeroError

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 11:26:26
IntroductionDivisionByZeroError class is a subclass of ArithmeticError class. This type of error occurs when division operation involves value of denominator as zero. This can also occur when a modulo operator (%) has 0 as second operator, and intdiv() function having second argument as 0.DivisionByZeroError ExampleIn first example, we try to perform modulo ... Read More

PHP ErrorException

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 11:23:05
IntroductionPHP's Exception class implements the Throwable interface. ErrorException class extends the Exception class. ErrorException is meant to be explicitly thrown when you want to catch and handle errors that would otherwise be ignored, such as Notices or Warnings.PHP core consists of following predefined error constantsValueConstantDescription1E_ERRORFatal run-time errors.2E_WARNINGRun-time warnings (non-fatal errors).4E_PARSECompile-time ... Read More

PHP ParseError

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 11:20:34
IntroductionParseError class extends CompileError class. (Earlier it used to be subclass of Error class). This type of error is thrown while a PHP code inside a string that is given to eval() function as argument.The eval() function evaluates given string as PHP code.Syntaxeval ( string $code ) : mixedParametersSr.NoParameter & Description1codevalid ... Read More

PHP TypeError

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 11:18:05
IntroductionTypeError class extends Error class. This error is raised when actual and formal argument types don't match, return type doesn't match the decalred returned type or invalid arguments passed to any built-in functionNote that strict_types should be set to true with declare() function at the top of script −In this example, types ... Read More

PHP Types of Errors

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 11:16:20
IntroductionPHP's internal Error types are represented by classes that are inherited from Error class. The Error class implements Throwable interface. Properties and methods of Error class are as follows −propertiesmessage − The error messagecode − The error codefile − The filename where the error happenedline − The line where the ... Read More

PHP Zip context options

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 11:14:45
IntroductionPHP's ZIP extension registers zip:// wrapper. PHP 7.2.0 onwards supports passwords for encrypted archives. There is only one Zip context option called passwordExampleFirst create ZIP archive as follows:<?php $zip = new ZipArchive; $zip->open(''); $zip->setPassword("MySecretPassword"); $zip->addFile('c:/xampp/php/test.txt', 'test.txt'); $zip->close(); >>To read file from zip:// stream, use following code<?php $opts = array(    'zip' ... Read More

PHP SSL context options

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 11:11:01
IntroductionList of Context options for ssl:// and tls:// transports.peer_namePeer name to be used. If this value is not set, then the name is guessed based on the hostname used when opening the stream.verify_peerRequire verification of SSL certificate used. Defaults to TRUE.verify_peer_nameRequire verification of peer name. Defaults to TRUE.allow_self_signedAllow self-signed certificates. Requires verify_peer. ... Read More

PHP Socket context options

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 09:32:57
IntroductionAccess to filesystem and various other stream wrappers can be customized by various context options and parameters configures by stream_context_create() and stream_context_set_option() functions.Following list shows various socket context options are available for all wrappers that work over sockets, like tcp, http and ftp.bindtospecifies the IP address (either IPv4 or IPv6) and/or ... Read More

PHP Phar context options

Malhar Lathkar
Published on 21-Sep-2020 09:28:08
IntroductionPhar stands for PHP Archive. All the resources of a certain PHP application or library are packages in a single .phar file for the purpose of istribution. A phar file can be used as IO stream with phar:// wrapper. Context options for phar:// wrapper are listed as follows −compressPHP has following ... Read More