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How was Dangal able to gross over Rs. 1,000 crores in China? What did the Chinese like about the film so much?

Dev Kumar
Published on 09-Jan-2019 05:29:12
As I answer this question, Dangal is crossing newer revenue milestones with its dream run in China. I believe by now it's twice the amount that was mentioned by the questioner, and it's not done yet. So even as this windfall continues, let me try and make sense of this ... Read More

Why hasn’t football lived up to its potential in India despite having a history of more than a century in this country?

Dev Kumar
Published on 09-Jan-2019 05:26:34
Just imagine a hundred-year-old coconut tree that has grown to a height of 70 feet but produces coconuts that are no larger than beetle nuts! That's pretty much the case with the 150 year legacy of Indian football. Having said that, let's first rejoice a milestone that our footballers recently ... Read More

Can India succeed in shifting to a completely electric-powered automobile industry by 2030?

Dev Kumar
Published on 09-Jan-2019 05:24:39
In a pilot project that is underway in Nagpur, around 200 electric cars will be pressed into service by app-based taxi service providers like Ola, which will account for 50 of these 200 electric cars. A raging question that arises in any discussion on electric cars is the availability of ... Read More

Why is waste management such a big problem in most cities across India? Why does northern India have a comparatively poorer cleanliness record than southern India?

Dev Kumar
Published on 09-Jan-2019 05:21:03
The typical view on Indian streets is piled up garbage in every corner and in some areas, stretching for 50 to 100 meters if not more. Most ordinary citizens who commute across these streets have become used to the ugly sight and the unbearable stink of the contaminating filth. This ... Read More

At the union level the prime minister heads the government; at the state level, the chief ministers head the government; who heads the government at the district level?

Dev Kumar
Published on 09-Jan-2019 05:17:49
In India, the prime minister is at the helm of affairs at the center and the chief ministers in the states. A state is divided into several districts each of which is administered by district collectors. The districts, in turn, are subdivided into tehsils, mandals, taluqs, Nagar panchayats, village panchayats ... Read More

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture are very harmful for humans. Despite that, why isn’t the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides becoming popular?

Dev Kumar
Published on 09-Jan-2019 05:15:21
Organic fertilizers are increasing in popularity as consumers realize the benefits it gives to their health and the environment. You can find separate counters in almost all stores specifying organic food and organic vegetables. The only fear that is keeping consumers away is that of bugs and pests and how ... Read More

Is it necessary to bring in automation in every sector of the Indian economy? Won’t it deny jobs to millions in an overpopulated country with high unemployment?

Dev Kumar
Published on 09-Jan-2019 05:12:46
Automation is an integral part of the development and progression of equipment and processes that in turn, are integral parts of most of the activities that act as engines of growth across most economies around the world. There's another side to automation and that is the importance of its application ... Read More

Is Virat Kohli a better Test captain than a ODI captain? Should he learn the art of captaining ODIs from MS Dhoni?

Dev Kumar
Published on 09-Jan-2019 05:09:18
Virat Kohli is a fighter, a go-getter in every format of the game. He has time and again proved it as a player and as a captain. Virat leads from the front, setting a benchmark for himself and his team to follow. If you go by figures, Virat Kohli has ... Read More

Indians are the best kabaddi players in the world which means they have the basic grappling and dodging skills needed in rugby. So, why isn’t rugby growing in India?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 12:57:16
The perception that rugby is not growing in India is wrong. The game is arousing much interest among the people in many quarters across the country. With proper exposure and backing, proper talent hunt, coaching camps, and financial support rugby has the potential to become a major sport in India.Brief ... Read More

Should districts in India be governed by the district collectors who are appointed or should they be governed by an elected district council like the Zilla Parishad?

Dev Kumar
Published on 04-Jan-2019 12:53:56
Most people in India perhaps don't realize that effective democracy actually doesn't exist from the district level downwards to smaller administrative units like the sub-divisions (variously called taluk, tehsil or mandal in different states) and further down to the blocks. It is the district level administration where the policies of ... Read More
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