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What are the new English words you have learned today?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:50:11
Ragtag: A group of people perceived as disreputable or undesirable.Lynch: (of a mob) kill (someone), especially by hanging, for an alleged offence with or without a legal trial.Gimcrack: A cheap and showy ornament; a knickknack or flimsy or poorly made but deceptively attractive.Vogie: Conceited, proud, cheerfulCarte Blanche: Unconditional authority; full ... Read More

Do you think sanitary napkins should be tax-free in India?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:48:01
Undoubtedly, the most requisite thing for every woman should be immediately tax-free. Currently, sanitary napkins are burdened with 12% GST which is certainly not acceptable to the government that blowhards women empowerment and safety.Let me highlight here that most of the eatables and services like staying in a hotel, transport, ... Read More

What is the most shameful thing for any country?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:45:50
Well, nothing can be so shameful for a nation when its own countrymen stand against it and start intimidating and threatening those who show love for their nation. This is what we witnessed recently when a man showed a shoe to Farooq Abdullah, the former J&K chief minister and the ... Read More

Why should I eat eggs?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:43:21
Let me tell you that I was also a die-hard pure vegetarian before coming across these facts about eggs, but now I am planning to get over and embrace this great source of protein and many other nutrients mentioned here.High In ProteinI don’t know you already know it or not, ... Read More

Is the latest WHO report an alarming bell for Indians in terms of our health?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:38:42
Yes, the latest WHO report is not only alarming for us but also surfaces grave concerns the way we Indians are putting our health at the test. The report says the youngsters who form over 50% of the nation’s population are getting lazy. These youngsters are physically inactive compared to ... Read More

What are the 10 habits that drain our brain?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:33:13
Taking things personally.Holding on to the past.Overstressing.Sleeping late.Complaining all the time.Overthinking.Not Living in the moment.Trying to please others.Checking your cell regularly.Getting angry constantly. 😃😄😆😍

What causes facial hair in women?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:30:58
PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Diseases) including PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is the major reason women go through the facial hair trauma.What Is PCOD?Imbalance in the menstrual cycle is a common phenomenon among girls due to the busy lifestyle and stress. The boost of male hormone in the uterus causes lumps in ... Read More

What is some lunch box Do’s and Dont’s for an underweight child?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:24:35
Eating a healthy lunch is important for the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of any child; therefore, being a mother you must know what should be the best diet for your kid and how you can get everything right as far the health of your loved one is concerned. Let’s ... Read More

Is drinking salty water good for health?

Published on 11-Jan-2019 12:18:48
Many people often complain of dehydration and there can be many reasons why do they face this. One of the major reasons is adulteration in the food; therefore, our body does not get many necessary minerals. If you also lack water then salt water can prove beneficial for you. Let ... Read More