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Prevent XML re-formatting in WAS response in SAP Windows Activation Service

Monica Mona
Published on 18-Dec-2017 13:16:28
No, there is no other possibility of doing it until you code everything on your own. It seems to be an issue during de-serialization.Most probably it is relevant to the parameters that you are sending in the response.You can try and enable tracing to detect further and check out where ... Read More

SAP interfaces throws an error message "Completion Code 2, Reason 2161, MQJMS2002”

Monica Mona
Published on 18-Dec-2017 11:51:14
As per my understanding,  the only way to get the MQ jar files or the MQ C/C++ library files onto a system is by installing any of the below:Using WebSphere MQ product orUsing WebSphere MQ Client SupportPacsYou can find jar file under WebSphere MQ V7.0 Clients SupportPacks. The install files ... Read More