Answer the following questions in one or two words or sentences.
  1. Why should we prefer to use paper bags rather than polythene bags?
  2. Who, out of the following should properly dispose of the garbage – father, mother, elder brother, younger sister?
  3. Which one out of beetles, roundworm and earthworm are used for vermicomposting and why?

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 6

  1. We should prefer to use paper bags because paper bags can be recycled and biodegraded but polythene bags being non-biodegradable. They are harmful to humans, animals, plants, and the environment.
  2. Every member of the family should dispose of the garbage properly. It should be a concern of every citizen, be it a mother, father, elder brother, or younger sister.
  3. Earthworms convert waste from plants and animals or their products into compost. Hence earthworms are used for vermicomposting.

Extra information: The garbage containing plant and animal wastes, waste food, when left as such in pits or heaps is acted upon by bacteria, fungus-like organisms causing rotting.

Rotting leads to the formation of manure. It is the conversion of complex molecules into simple molecules which can be used by plants for growth and development. Thus, the rotting and conversion of some organic materials into manure is called composting.

Vermicomposting is the method of preparing compost with the help of redworms or earthworms.

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