Angular 8 CURD operation with JWT Authentication

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Angular 8 CURD operation with JWT Authentication

Angular 8 live project with JWT Authentication

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Course Description


In this course, we are going to learn Angular CRUD operation using asp.net core web API with JWT Authentication. We will learn how to design the model classes and how to set up the middleware class in asp.net core.

We are going to learn the implementation of business logic using model classes (poco classes) and data access layer using repository design pattern and Entity Framework Code First. We will use C#.Net to implement our business logic layer and wrap it up with Asp.Net core Web API. We are also going to secure our web APIs using JWT authentication.

About project implementation

This project design with Angular 8, Entity Framework code-first approach, and asp.net core API which contains the JWT authentication, and as a database we have used SQL server.

Following the operation, Students can perform as per this project.

  1. Student can create an account
  2. After creating an account, the student can log in.
  3. After login, the student will redirect to the home page which contains the basic info of the student with a logout button, and this page will have a More info link, once the student will click on it,, the student will redirect to the student details page.
  4. On the student details page student can perform a CURD operation.

Who this course is for:

  • Angular developer
  • Developer


What will you learn in this course:

  • The students will gain knowledge on angular CURD operation with JWT authentication Aspnet core web API JWT Authentication implement Identity table using entity framework code first approach implement authentication and authorization both on client side an


What are the prerequisites for this course?


  • MS Sql Server Any version

  • Entity Framework 6

  • Asp.Net core web API

  • C#.Net

  • Angular8

  • Visual Studio 2017 or above

Angular 8 CURD operation with JWT Authentication


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Student Management System | Angular 8 Live project
27 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 04:03 04:03
  • play icon Understanding Project Architecture 08:03 08:03
  • play icon Project Creation Steps 03:13 03:13
  • play icon Project Setup for dot net core API 02:43 02:43
  • play icon Setup Identity Tables in asp.net core 11:03 11:03
  • play icon Customize Identity User in entity framework 04:42 04:42
  • play icon Create Database using EntityFramework Code first Approach 06:17 06:17
  • play icon Student Registration API in asp.net core 09:29 09:29
  • play icon Testing Student Registration API using Postman 09:03 09:03
  • play icon Understanding on JWT Authentication 06:41 06:41
  • play icon Creating Student Login API in asp.net core 15:56 15:56
  • play icon Testing Student Login API Using Postman 22:21 22:21
  • play icon Setup Angular 8 Project 05:39 05:39
  • play icon Create Registration Page UI in angular 8 10:10 10:10
  • play icon Create Registration Page UI - 2 18:59 18:59
  • play icon Create Login Page UI in angular 8 12:08 12:08
  • play icon Insert Register user record to Database using API 16:42 16:42
  • play icon Verify Login Details Using API 18:29 18:29
  • play icon Authenticate Home Page in Angular 8 06:54 06:54
  • play icon Student Information detail UI 08:10 08:10
  • play icon Create Student details table using entity framework core first approach 05:50 05:50
  • play icon Create CURD Operation API in asp.net core 08:03 08:03
  • play icon Design Student Detail UI in Angular 8 06:15 06:15
  • play icon Design Student Detail List UI in angular 8 03:20 03:20
  • play icon Consume CURD asp.net core API in angular 8 07:56 07:56
  • play icon Angular CURD Operation 1 10:08 10:08
  • play icon Angular CURD Operation 2 07:03 07:03

Instructor Details

The DotNet Office

The DotNet Office

I am a full stack developer and I am A person who is trying to do something special, in the way of achieving the goal, and like to write quotes. I like to write blogs on technologies.

I have total of 10+ years of experience in dot net technologies and worked with many reputed MNC on many domains.

I like to learn new technologies.

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