Android Dependency Injection using Dagger with Kotlin

Learn how to use Dagger Dependency Injection framework with Kotlin , MVVM , Android Architecture Components and RxJava

  Mahmoud Ramadan

   Development, Mobile Apps, Kotlin

Language - English Published on 11/2019


Hi everyone and welcome to my new course 

Android Dependency Injection using Dagger 2 with Kotlin 

This course is designed for an Android Developer who has no background for using Dagger 2 for Dependency injection.  Dagger is one of the most popular frameworks for Dependency injection in Android Development. It is developed by Google as a forked project from Dagger 1 which is developed by Square. Dagger 2 is one of the skills that you should have for your career as Android Developer because a lot of companies use it nowadays because it is fast, reliable and it makes the code more testable and clean because of separation of concerns.

After this course, you will be able to Understand the following -

  • What is Dependency Injection(DI)

  • Why we need DI

  • Introduction to Dagger 2 library

  • Understanding the types of DI

  • Understanding Dagger Component

  • Understanding Field Injection 

  • Understanding Method Injection

  • Understanding Dagger 2 Module

  • Understanding Scopes and SubComponent

  • Understanding Dagger Multibindings for Android View Model

  • Build a real Android App using Dagger2, RxJava, MVVM, Retrofit and  Android Architecture components  with Kotlin.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn how to use Dagger 2 as Dependency Injection
  • Build Real App using Dagger , MVVM , Android Architecture Components and RxJava
  • Understanding The concept of Dependency Injection
  • Learn how to use component ,subcomponent, scopes
  • Learn how to use Constructor,Field and Method Injections
  • Learn how to use Multibinding for Android View Model


  • You should have basics of kotlin language
  • You should have experience in Android Development

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