Android HyperCasual Development Masterclass in Unity

Learn how to develop a Hyper Casual Mobile game in under 4 hours!

  Jordan GrantHall

   3D Game Development, 2D Game Development, Unity, Development

Language - English Published on 08/2022


Get the First-hand experience developing and building a mobile game to your mobile phone

Building mobile games is more than your skillset, it's a passion and a subject which can show off your skills in an impressive way.

In just below 4 hours, you would have created an app that you can build upon and add new features to in an efficient and progressive fashion, with room for more levels and creative solutions.

This course is useful for those trying to get into mobile and we will cover all areas that will be beneficial no matter what genre of game you'll want to create in the future.

This course will teach you how to do the following and more:

  • Generate levels at runtime with variations: We will create multiple levels with varying lengths and difficulties based on the prefabs we create.

  • Bounding the player by the phone width: Create a custom script to always read the edge of the phone, we can then adapt certain elements to these edges

  • Level Loading and Management: Create a static Manager to control all of our level information in between levels.

This class is a must-watch for those interested in mobile development! Whether you are new to Unity or someone who is just jumping into Mobile development, this course will teach you some clever tips and tricks to help improve your developing style and game creations.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn C#: A powerful Object-Orientated programming language well suited for games design.
  • How to set up a Save System for Unlockables even after restarting the game.
  • How to integrate the Google AdMob SDK into their game.
  • How to approach SFX and BGM cohesively.
  • To become well adapted to the Unity Game Engine
  • Learn to find creative ways of solving difficult problems, this will help when you build your own games
  • Understand what makes a game tick, learn how to design games based on the games requirements
  • Hyper Casual gameplay elements. Perfect for mobile games and fantastic knowledge to understand
  • A nice and simple solution to mobile input


  • For this course, to make the most of it, a basic concept of Unity and C# is preferred but you'll learn along the way regardless! 

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