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Analyse and Interpret Hotel Profit & Loss Statements (Hindi)

Fundamentals of Hotel Operations, Standard P&L templates, Analyse Profit & Loss Statement, Hotel Revenue Analysis

Created by Manish Gupta, Last Updated 18-Nov-2019, Language:Hindi

What Will I Get ?

  • Understanding Basic Hotel Operations
  • Able to Present Financial Results of hotel
  • Understand why revenue & profits are higher and lower than budget or last year
  • Breakdown the reasons of variance
  • recommend suggested course of action plan


  • Understanding Hindi


To become a successful manager at any company is to be able to manage the Profit & loss of your department.

First requirement of Managing the P&L is to

1. understand it,

2. read it,

3. analyse the information and

4. be able to make meaningful conclusions

In this course you will learn how to hotel analyse profit & loss in hindi language (Course is english is also available).

We Will learn basic hotel operations, Standard Hotel profit & Loss statements.

We will teach how to read it and analyse in simple language.

We will learn basic marketing reports so that it become easier to analye revenue and expenses.

and finally We will also look at Expenses and some aspects to understand them better.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Hotel Operations
  • All Fundamentals Terms used in hotels
  • Standard Hotel Financial Statement templates
  • How to Analyse hotel Profit & Loss

Who this course is for:

  • All Hotel Employees
  • Hotel Supervisors
  • Hotel Managers

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