Amazon PPC Essentials - Ads Course For Advertising Mastery

This Amazon PPC Essentials course will teach you how to get and grow sales from Amazon Ads (Amazon Advertising)

  Amir Rimer

   Amazon Sellers Account, PPC Advertising, Merch by Amazon, Business

Language - English Published on 06/2022


Hi, my name is Amir Rimer. I am a business and marketing online instructor, and a certified elementary school teacher.

Are you finding it difficult to learn how to get and grow sales on Amazon on your own? Do you already have a product live on Amazon, but you are worried about a competitor that has passed you up in the search results? Do you find selling on Amazon difficult? 

In this course I will teach you the basics of Amazon Ads. Once you finish the course, you will be able to create Amazon PPC advertising campaigns, get and grow your sales, and improve your ranking in the Amazon search results.

This course is for complete beginners to Amazon advertising. The course is perfect for people who have a professional Amazon seller's account, and want to learn exactly how to use its Amazon PPC advertising section to get and grow sales. We start from the assumption that you know nothing about Amazon PPC, PPC outside of Amazon or about advertising in general, and then go from there baby step by baby step.

I will teach you every single secret that I know about Amazon Ads, so you will be able to constantly get and grow your sales and achieve mastery over sponsored ads.

If you have a professional Amazon seller's account, but you have never used it to run paid traffic to your Amazon product, then this training course if for you. If you are an Amazon FBA seller, an Amazon FBM seller, a Merch By Amazon seller, an Amazon KDP seller, selling POD product, private label products or any other kind of product on Amazon, then you can use this step by step video course to get and grow sales, and achieve Amazon PPC mastery.

What Will I Get ?

  • You will be able to get and grow sales from using Amazon PPC (Amazon advertising).
  • You will have a project to add to your portfolio.
  • Learn what are organic listings.
  • Understand what PPC means.
  • Discover what is Sponsored Products (Sponsored Listings).
  • Learn what is Amazon ranking?
  • Find out why you should use PPC?
  • Discover how many reviews you should have before turning on pay per click.
  • Understand how to find Your top competitors - competitor Analysis (competitive analysis).
  • Discover how to choose relevant keywords.
  • Learn how to create a broad campaign.
  • Learn how to create a phrase campaign.
  • Find out how to analyze your Broad and Phrase campaigns.
  • Learn how to create An Exact campaign.
  • Learn how to create An Automatic campaign.
  • Discover how to analyze the essential columns inside your Search Terms Report.
  • Find out about the SEOBook Keyword Density tool For keyword discovery and listing optimization.


  • You must have a professional Amazon seller's account
  • No prior knowledge or experience with Amazon PPC is required

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