Always thinking about making money is destructing my valuable and peacefull life, how to get out of this mindset?

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Constant thinking about money vitiates one’s life as it fills the person’s mind with worry and constant fear. This kind of thinking can also curtail positive thinking in our minds. Following are some methods to deal with this situation:

Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

A lot of times, the thoughts of money or any other materialistic aspirations come in our mind when we have disconnected ourselves with our loved ones.

Make it a point to spend time with your family and give the emotional side of your personality more power. This also helps in the realization that family, relationships, love, affection, and compassion are the essentials to live a peaceful life and not money alone.

Start Reading Philosophy

Sometimes in a situation of complexity such as an addiction to monetary thoughts, philosophy helps to uplift your thoughts towards enlightenment. Philosophy can come to in the form of religious books like Bible or Gita, by famous authors like Ayn Rand, Paul Coelho, Robin Sharma, Sadhguru, etc. which helps us articulate the essence of life so well.

Take Inspiring Stories

We all should watch films and read inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, sportsperson, filmmakers, musicians around the world who tell their tales of struggle that led to success. It will help us be on the path of achieving something and keep our efforts going. Their inspiring tales will also remind us to keep minimum or no-expectations. They work for their passion and not just for earning and this thought will revolutionize the way we work.

Spend Money Sometimes

The issue with some people is also that thinking constantly about money blocks them from making expenditure and save constantly. Try and spend some time, especially on charity and social causes. This will help you to break the habit of hoarding money which also takes the form of constant worry about the money you possess. Keep reminding yourself that money will not stay with you forever and this money can help someone in dire need.

Eliminate Competitive Mindset

I have to earn more than my friend. I need a more luxurious car than my cousin. These are common thoughts that keep our minds focused on only the monetary aspects of like. It has to be remembered that your life is different from others and you are the creator of whatever you achieve. Set the ambitious bar for your own-self and not compete with others.

Proper Financial planning

For some people, constant thoughts about money creep into your minds when you are not habitual to planning the finance every month properly. Start maintaining a diary that has the record of your savings and expenditure. Analyze how could you improve on savings and cut down on unnecessary expenditure. This will help in giving clarity about the financial situation and long-term planning such as investments and policies. If some time is given for this planning every week, constant thoughts about money can be removed from your mind.

Published on 26-Dec-2018 07:32:46