Allegra Versace Beck

The oldest child of Donatella and Paul, Allegra grew up in Milan, the former epicenter of the global fashion industry, with her younger brother. Being from one of the wealthiest families in all of Italy, Allegra had an opulent upbringing. Allegra was introduced to fashion shows while she was a little child thanks to her mother, a talented fashion designer. When she was only two days old, she already made her debut in a fashion show. But when she was growing up, she was unimpressed by the fashion world. She began taking salsa dancing classes shortly after enrolling in kindergarten, and by the time she was nine years old, she was a skilled dancer.


Allegra Versace is the niece of fashion designer Gianni Versace and the daughter of American ex-model Paul Beck and Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace. She and her younger brother, Daniel, were raised outside of Milan, Italy. She acknowledges that she never learned how to play the piano that Sir Elton John handed her. She spent nine years as a youngster taking ballet lessons and continues to be a major fan of ballet now. She attributes the development of her enduring love of dance to her uncle Gianni. He gave her a Maurice Béjart CD on one of her birthdays. While she was a student at The British School in Milan, formerly known as "The Sir James Henderson School," Versace was closely guarded. After completing her secondary school, she left the country and attended Brown University in Rhode Island before enrolling at UCLA in 2006 to study French, art history, and drama.

She had a strong relationship with her prominent uncle Gianni throughout her childhood. On her tenth birthday, he surprised her with a dance with the famous worldwide ballet performer Maurice Bejart. She also received a piano from Sir Elton John, a well-known performer and close friend of her uncle Gianni. In addition, Allegra claimed in an interview that her mother had dressed her in silk for her kindergarten courses, which frequently made her feel embarrassed. She was frequently sent home because finger painting on her pricey silk outfits was impossible. Gianni grew up in the studios, apart from the fashion industry for which her family was famous. She wanted to work in the theatre, if anything.

NameAllegra Versace Beck
Birth Date30 June 1986
Birth PlaceMilan, Italy
EducationThe British School of Milan – Sir James Henderson, Brown University
ProfessionFashion Designer

Early Days and Hardships

Allegra travelled to the United States after completing her early schooling in Italy in order to complete her studies and pursue a career in the entertainment industry, particularly in the theatre. Her relationship with her uncle Gianni was quite tight. When he was killed by a gunshot in 1997, Allegra had a trauma that was difficult for her to recover from, and her mother had to seek counselling. After Gianni passed away, Allegra inherited half of the enormous business he had built, with her mother and uncle receiving the other half. Gianni has worked as an acting director at Gianni Versace S.p.A. since 2011, and he previously served as a theatre designer in New York.

Her family Issued a statement in 2007 confirming that Allegra was truly battling a severe eating disorder and that she was receiving the finest care available. During his incredibly successful career, Gianni Versace had several homosexual relationships. In fact, one of his ex-partners murdered him in 1997. Gianni passed away immediately, which was a devastating experience for the family. Allegra, who was 11 at the time, was the one who suffered the most. She expressed her desire to be present when it occurred to her mother, and the guilt that followed exacerbated the eating disorder that would eventually trouble her throughout her adult life as well. Her mother was also giving her problems, on top of everything else. Donatella, who was using cocaine and alcohol heavily, was getting a contentious divorce from her husband, Paul.

Inheritance of Gianni Versace S.P.A.

When her uncle Gianni Versace was tragically shot outside of his Miami house, Allegra Versace was eleven years old. She got half of Gianni Versace S.P.A. on her 18th birthday. In response to a long-standing dispute between Allegra's mother and uncle, Santo Versace, who already controlled 30% and 20% of the fashion company, respectively, Gianni left Allegra the remainder of 50% of the Versace enterprise. Allegra, overnight, increased in value by hundreds of millions of dollars. Even though she was legally entitled to full control of her legacy at the age of 18, she chose to devote all of her attention to her education and did not start actively participating in the Versace business until she was 24.


Due to the fact that Allegra was Gianni's favorite niece, as soon as she reached 18, she acquired hundreds of millions of dollars. She originally had little interest in the fashion industry, though, and chose to continue her schooling as she had already completed high school at that point. She later enrolled at UCLA to complete her studies in French, theatre, and art history after first enrolling at Brown University in Rhode Island to study art and acting. She also started working in theatres at that time and did it for a while before starting her acting career.

She soon began appearing in supporting roles in indie movies. The majority of them were not released, which surprised Allegra. She claimed that all she wanted was to act since it allowed her to play various characters. But because of her low body-esteem, she did not enjoy seeing herself in pictures or on television. She chose the name Beck instead of her last name, Versace, to stay somewhat less well-known. She ultimately made the decision to return to Milan in 2011 after spending a few years in the USA attempting to launch an acting career.

She watched over her mother when she was in America while she battled addictions. Every month, when Donatella visited the United States, she and her daughter would bond over music and shopping. When Allegra made the decision to assume duties as the company's director, everything appeared to be back on track.


Allegra battled weight gain her whole life as a result of having anorexia, an eating condition. She loathed being in front of the cameras, which was one of the reasons she had little interest in the fashion industry. Allegra Versace continues to maintain her anonymity and avoid the spotlight and paparazzi. She continued by saying that she had always worked in the fashion industry to honor her cherished uncle. She assisted a non-Italian fashion designer with his own fashion show's setup and publicity.

Updated on: 25-Oct-2022


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