Alcohol and Drugs Problems in the Workplace

Rising to the Challenges Presented by Employees who Develop Alcohol or Drugs Problems

  Anna Thompson

   Business, Human Resources, Workplace Health and Safety

Language - English Published on 07/2022


Problems associated with alcohol and drugs use are common in a wide variety of workplaces across all sectors. They can be very difficult to deal with because of the complexities involved. This course examines common features of such problems and offers guidance on how to rise to the challenges involved.

There are no simple or straightforward solutions, but having a better understanding of the issues involved places managers and HR professionals in a much stronger position when it comes to wrestling with the difficulties presented.

The tendency in some organizations to not pay attention to such problems and simply hope they will go away is a very unwise strategy that can lead to a vicious circle in which problems related to the use of alcohol and drugs lead to other problems (conflict, substandard work, deadlines not being met, health and safety problems, and so on). These in turn can put additional pressures on any worker who is misusing alcohol or drugs, potentially leading to an even greater reliance on such substances.

Without a good understanding of the key issues involved, efforts to address the problems are unlikely to produce positive results. This course therefore serves as important basis for addressing alcohol and drugs problems in the workplace.

Who this course is for:

  • Managers and HR professionals across all sectors

What Will I Get ?

  • Appreciate the significant harm that alcohol and drugs can do in the workplace

  • Develop a fuller understanding of the causes and consequences of problems related to alcohol and drugs

  • Explore ways of tackling the problems

  • Be more confident about rising to the challenges involved


  • All that you need is a desire to learn more about how to tackle alcohol and drugs problems in the workplace.

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