AI powered web apps with JavaScript and the OpenAI API

person icon Stephan Haewss

AI powered web apps with JavaScript and the OpenAI API

Use the OpenAI API (powering ChatGPT) to create engaging chat applications with JavaScript, React & Astro

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Stephan Haewss

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Lectures -32

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Duration -3 hours


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Course Description

In this video course, you will embark on a thrilling journey into the world of web development and Artificial Intelligence. You'll learn how to create AI-powered chat applications using JavaScript, React, AstroJS, and the OpenAI API. Throughout the course, you'll work with the OpenAI API, which is using the same AI/Large Language Model (LLM) that powers ChatGPT.

The course is divided into three exciting projects:

  1. ChatGPT Clone: You'll start by building a simple ChatGPT clone that allows users to have basic conversations with an AI. Learn to integrate the OpenAI API to harness the power of language generation, creating a seamless and interactive chatting experience.

  2. Text-based Adventure: Next, you'll dive into a thrilling text-based adventure game set in a sci-fi universe. Players will solve puzzles and navigate the story by interacting with AI characters through chat. Discover how AI can be used to create immersive and captivating storytelling experiences.

  3. Online Sales Assistant: In the final project, you'll create a practical application simulating an online sales assistant for guitars and bass guitars. Users can chat with the AI to inquire about available products. Learn how to apply AI in real-world scenarios, enhancing user experience and efficiency in e-commerce interactions.

By the end of the course, you'll be proficient in using JavaScript, React and AstroJS to create engaging chat applications powered by the OpenAI API. Join us on this extraordinary adventure and unlock the potential of AI in web development!


What will you learn in this course:

  • Creating web applications that incorporate AI chats
  • Usage of the OpenAI chat completion API
  • Create a basic chat application like ChatGPT
  • Integrate AI chats into games
  • Create AI powered support agents for online shops


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript (ES6)  programming
  • Basic understanding of React JS programming, hooks useState, useRef & useEffect
  • NodeJS is not required, but is an advantage
AI powered web apps with JavaScript and the OpenAI API


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon What's this course about?. 03:14 03:14
  • play icon Tools used in this course 04:04 04:04
  • play icon The OpenAI platform 05:53 05:53
Project: Basic Chat app
11 Lectures
Project: AI Chat in a text adventure game
13 Lectures
Project: Online Shop Sales Assistant
7 Lectures
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Stephan Haewss

Stephan Haewss

Software Developer

I have been in software development for over 20 years now and have worked for various software companies as a developer and lead developer. Along the way, I have written several books and published them through publishers or by self-publishing. I have always enjoyed writing and creating books and tutorials and try to give the readers/listeners both the basic understanding (how does something work and why?) and help them to get quick results.

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