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Agricultural Implements in the farming and agricultural industry, are referred to as the devices used to simplify the task. To construct a proficient and useful climate, agricultural activities in the modern days include an alternate assortment of devices like drills, diggers, furrows, sickle, and so on. This present reality shows progress in the agricultural field without the utilization of the executes that are expected to complete these practices. In this article, we will study the agricultural implements and their impact on the agricultural and farming industry.

What is Agriculture? What is its Significance?

Agriculture is the occupation of cultivating crops and raising animals that covers the development of sustenance and the sedentary lifestyle of humans. It can be involved in the production, processing, and dispensing of agricultural commodities. It is the main source of revenue for most rural areas. The farming of plants and food grains is served to the people in urban areas.

Significance of Agriculture

  • Agriculture is the predominant source of food supply to the world and it ensures the food and nutrition security of the population.

  • The contribution of agriculture is in the range of 20% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), so it is considered the backbone of the country’s revenue.

  • Agriculture gives employment chances in society to a very high percentage of people.

  • It has an important role in the export of major products on the international level and balancing the critical expenditures of a country with saving the overseas currency.

  • It also produces biofuels, fibres, and various raw materials.

  • It eradicates the poverty of rural areas by employing in the production and marketing of agricultural goods.

  • Farmers get a considerable amount from selling the by-products of livestock farming.

What are Agricultural Implements?

The farming implements or the agriculture implements are equipment or machinery used to finish the work within a limited time. These are applied in agriculture to reduce manual work and enhance the yielding of crops. In the early periods of agriculture, the farmers used handmade tools that were laborious and time-consuming. The traditional tools and methods have been replaced by advanced techniques after modernization.

Significant Agricultural Implements

There are various agricultural implements used in agriculture to promote easier work. The significant agricultural implements are given below:

  • Planting machines

  • Harvesting implements

  • Irrigation machines

  • Soil cultivation implements

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Types of Agricultural Implements

There are various types of agricultural implements used by farmers to improve crop production. It includes the following:

Soil cultivation implements

  • Soil cultivation is an important phase because it helps the roots of the crop penetrate the soil and absorb water and nutrients.

  • Simple tools such as a hoe, plough, and cultivators are applied for the process of soil preparation.

  • Spike, drag, and disc harrows are used to plough the soil and prepare for cultivation.

Irrigation machines

  • It consists of a pump that extracts water from the bottom and has a pivot irrigation system to supply the proper level of water in the crops.

Planting machines

  • A seed drill is used for sowing that provides the in-depth and correct space for seeding, therefore it protects the plant from the attack of birds and animals.

  • It supports the plants to obtain an adequate amount of water, nutrients, and sunshine.

  • Air seeders, seed drills, broadcast seeders, transplanting implements, and other tools are applied for seeding in the vast area after the cultivation of crops.

Harvesting implements

  • Harvesting is the process of cutting the completely grown and matured crops.

  • The harvesting machines such as diggers, trailers, pickers, and others are used to collect the crops.

Division of Crops

Agriculture is the predominant process that develops food grains for human consumption and their raw materials are utilized in industries. The cultivation of crops depends on the type of soil and weather conditions. There are three major divisions of crops.

Kharif crop

  • The seedling of crops starts to grow at the beginning of the monsoon season and is harvested at the end of the season.

  • It requires excess water and warm weather for better growth.

Rabi crop

  • Hot weather is suitable for seed germination and development and the growth of crops occurs in humid conditions.

Zaid crop

  • The Zaid crop develops in between the Kharif and Rabi seasons.

  • The crop growth requires hot, dry weather and takes a long day for blooming flowers.

Type of CropSeasonExamples
Kharif crop
September to October
Millets. maize, rice, soybean, cotton
Rabi crop
October to December and April to May
Barley, oats, mustard, wheat, peas
Zaid crop
March to June
Watermelon, cucumber, muskmelon, pumpkin, pulses

Categories of Crops

The crops are categorized into two types depending on their uses.

Food CropsCash Crops
Food crops are predominantly cultivated for domestic consumption by humans and animals.
Cash crops are cultivated to earn money by trading the crops rather than for domestic consumption.
The major food crops include vegetables, oilseeds such as sunflower, groundnut, sesame, cereals like paddy, wheat, and fruits.
The important cash crops include rubber, tea, coffee, jute, spices like mustard, chilli, turmeric, garlic, coriander, and some medicinal crops.


Agriculture is a vast sector and is mainly composed of crop production and animal farming. It provides foods for domestic consumption to both humans and animals. It is the root cause of income for many people in rural areas and it eradicates poverty. It is considered the backbone of a country's economy. The hand-man machines used by ancient people are replaced by modern techniques and agricultural implements. The cultivation and harvesting of crops are maintained at certain seasons. These are the Kharif, Rabi, and Zaid crops. The crops are also cultivated depending on their role and are classified as food crops and cash crops.


1. How does agriculture play a predominant role in a country?

Agriculture supports society by providing food, a source of commercial products, employment, eliminating poverty, and the backbone of the economy of a nation.

2. What are the chief agricultural implements?

The significant agricultural implements are planting machines, harvesting implements, Irrigation machines, and soil cultivation implements.

3. Which type of crops is developed in the monsoon season?

Kharif crops are produced in the monsoon season of September and October.

4. Which agricultural implements are used to prepare the soil for cultivation?

Disc harrows, drag, and hoe are the agricultural implements used to plough the soil, that facilitate the root of the crop to penetrate the ground and make the crop easy to absorb water and nutrients.

5. Why are traditional agricultural tools and techniques replaced?

The traditional tools are hand-man, also the techniques are laborious and time-consuming. So, these are replaced with advanced techniques and equipment to increase crop production in a short duration.

6. What are food crops and cash crops?

The food crops are purposely cultivated for domestic consumption and the cash crops are cultivated for earning currency by supplying the agricultural products to the markets and exporters.


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