Agile for Security Teams

Agile Tools and Techniques for Cybersecurity

  Cristina Gheorghisan

   IT & Software, IT Other

  Language - English

   Published on 01/2021

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Many of our students are already professionals or aim to be part of a red or blue team. That means human interactions, and here it is not enough to have strong technical skills, one needs also soft skills and software methodologies knowledge in order to cope with all the processes in place and the way a team works.

As the name suggests, we will cover only the Agile principles and methodologies in this class, since they are by far the most used and abused in the software industry world.

This course is different from our previous classes, as it is less technical and more people oriented. We will understand together the team player skills a cybersecurity professional must have in a fast ever changing business environment. We will insist on "Why?" teams adopt the Agile principles and "How?" they work on a daily basis, since we consider that it's important for students to understand WHAT we're trying to achieve and WHY.

Main topics covered:

  • Agile Mindset

  • Scrum methodology

  • Tools used in Agile projects

PRACTICE : 5 Assignments and a final Test your knowledge Quiz!

What Will I Get ?

  • The lectures, videos and other resources will provide you with relevant information about current Agile practices
  • You will learn how to confidently apply the SCRUM methodology
  • You will get practical experience with all the tools discussed
  • And last but not least, you will learn foundation principles and techniques to boost your daily work performance and become a reliable team player


  • A computer, a phone or a tablet
  • Internet connection
  • An interest in improving yourself and your daily work
  • A passion for getting things done
  • A desire to be a reliable and trustworthy team player
  • Patience and a lot of perseverance to “try harder”
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