Agile Sigma© Overview - Presented by Timothy T. Gaffney

Learn from the creator and developer of the 21st Century Agile Sigma Methodology© how it's faster and more effective.

  Engr. Korina Mercado

   Business, Project Management, Six Sigma

Language - English Published on 08/2022


This course is designed for business professionals interested in learning the basics about the new Agile Sigma Methodology© and how it can be employed to improve business process performance.  Based on the Agile Development and Six Sigma methodologies, enabling sustainable, statistically valid improvements that optimize the process sigma level, more quickly than with other methods.

Objectives: Upon completion, the student will have a basic understanding of the Agile Sigma© process improvement methodology, terminology, and benefits.  The student will also have a basic understanding of the differences and advantages of Agile Sigma© as compared to other process improvement methodologies.

Format:  Theory is supplemented with examples from industrial and transactional applications.  The course also includes exercises and interactive class discussion of key topics.   A Minitab statistical software demonstration is also included to highlight the importance of statistical analysis in Agile Sigma© projects.

What Will I Get ?

  • What is the Agile Sigma Methodology©?

  • Why was it developed?

  • What methodologies were integrated to create Agile Sigma© and why?

  • What are the Agile Sigma© project phases

  • What are the project team roles in an Agile Sigma© project?

  • What are the benefits of implementing Agile Sigma©?

  • How can you get started using Agile Sigma©?


  • OS/Windows Laptop required

  • No project management or process management experience required

  • No paid software required

  • No prerequisite courses

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