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Advanced Theoretical JavaScript: Learn Advanced JS Concepts
Get the fundamental understanding of JavaScript, its origin and Event loop - the asynchronous model of how JavaScript works

    • Introduction
      2 Lectures
    • #2 ECMAScript
      3 Lectures
    • DOM Overview
      2 Lectures
    • JS Runtimes
      5 Lectures
    • V8 Engine
      2 Lectures
    • Event Loop
      10 Lectures
  • Description

    JavaScript is a very popular language now. And in today's world, if you want to stand out from everyone who's learning web development, you have to be the best.

    Having a core, solid understanding of JavaScript would enable you to become a much better developer and you'll be friendly working with JavaScript.

    This course aims to cover theoretical parts of JavaScript (there's another course for advanced practical JavaScript, so make sure to check that out after this one) where we would go over things that power JavaScript but aren't really things which you'll usually interact on with day-to-day basis.

    We would be covering a lot of fun things, including but not limited to:

    1. Event Loop

    2. DOM

    3. ECMAScript standard

    4. Microtask queue

    5. Task queue

    6. rAF queue

    And more! This course is regularly updated to include more advanced things I discover and could condense into a sizable chunk of knowledge, so stay tuned!

    What Will I Get ?

    • JavaScript Fundamentals
    • ECMAScript Standard
    • Advanced theoretical JS concepts
    • What is event loop and how it works
    • Callstack and queues
    • Tricky interview questions for task and microtask queues


    • Basic JavaScript understanding
Advanced Theoretical JavaScript:  Learn Advanced JS Concepts
This Course Includes :

2 hours

24 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee


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