Advance Big Data Analytics using Hive & Sqoop

Become Big data Analyst using Hive and Sqoop.Great course for business Analyst,Testers and Sql Developers.CCA159

  Navdeep Kaur

   Development, Software Engineering, Big Data

  Language - English

   Published on 12/2020



You will start by learning what is Hadoop &  Hadoop distributed file system and most common hadoop commands required to work with Hadoop File system

Then you will be introduced to Sqoop Import

  • Understand lifecycle of sqoop command.

  • Use sqoop import command to migrate data from Mysql to HDFS.

  • Use sqoop import command to migrate data from Mysql to Hive.

  • Use various file formats, compressions, file delimeter,where clause and queries while importing the data.

  • Understand split-by and boundary queries.

  • Use incremental mode to migrate the data from Mysql to HDFS.

Further, you will learn Sqoop Export to migrate data.

  • What is sqoop export

  • Using sqoop export, migrate data from HDFS to Mysql.

  • Using sqoop export, migrate data from Hive to Mysql.

Finally, we will start with Apache Hive [Advance]

  • Hive Intro

  • External & Managed Tables

  • Insert & Multi Insert

  • Data Types & Complex Data Types

  • Collection Function

  • Conditional Function

  • Hive String Functions

  • Hive Date Functions

  • Mathematical Function

  • Hive Analysis

  • Alter Command

  • Joins, Multi Joins & Map Joins

  • Working with Different Files - Parquet,Avro

  • Compressions

  • Partitioning

  • Bucketing

  • Views

  • Lateral Views/Explode

  • Windowing Functions - Rank/Dense Rank/lead/lag/min/max

  • Window Specification

Who this course is for:

  • Who are preparing for CCA159 Cloudera Big Data Analytics Certification or who wants to learn Advance Hive & Sqoop

What Will I Get ?

  • Students will learn Advance Hive and Sqoop for Big Data Analytics and Ingestion.


  • Basic Knowledge of SQL
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