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There is fashion all around us. Fashion statements follow us even when we leave the realm of clothing. The materials we select for our accessories, the colors we use for technology, and the pattern combinations on our shoes are just a few examples. The use of fashion to express personality and character seems to be truly sweeping the nation.

A new trend was recently made the center of attention in order to draw attention from people all over the world. Sportswear is the trend that we are referring to. If we take a closer look, we can see that a revolution in how people dress is beginning. Today, appearances no longer matter the most. It makes sense that sportswear has evolved into an alluring and fascinating topic as comfort and usefulness become more and more important considerations in apparel selection.

What is Active Sportswear?

If you think the Oxford Dictionary's definition of sportswear—"clothing designed to be worn for sports, exercise, and outdoor activities"—is a little too restrictive, you're not alone. After all, how often have we marvelled at a pair of footwear that bills itself as athletic wear but is wrapped in glitter or some distinctly unsporty material, or seen a sports bra that is really cute but also completely unsupportive? Despite the fact that we aren't in charge of coming up with new definitions, if we were, we'd probably define sportswear as "clothing that is intentionally stylish and may be focused on function, fashion, or both and is designed to be worn for sports, exercise, and outdoor activities but often worn in casual settings." The days of wearing sportswear only to participate in sports or exercise are long gone, even though that phrase doesn't exactly come to mind as fast as Oxford's definition does. Sportswear is now widely used as a fashion statement in casual settings since it is cosy, fashionable, and adaptable.

What Fabrics are Used in Sportswear?

Sportswear is made of textiles that must be comfortable, flexible enough to allow for a wide range of motion, and durable because it was designed to be worn when exercising, playing sports, or enjoying time outdoors. These three requirements should be met by materials used in sportswear at the very least, but many fabrics go above and beyond. For instance, sweat-wicking textiles are frequently used in training attire because they help you stay cool by naturally removing sweat and moisture from the body. Other top-selling textiles have anti-odour qualities that stop sweat odour from remaining in your clothing even after washing. Since you'll be perspiring while wearing sportswear, it's great for the textiles to be both extremely breathable and lightweight. Although synthetic materials like polyester mixes have historically been used to make the majority of athletic apparel, a new wave of natural fabrics has completely revolutionised the market. Bamboo fabric is not only soft, stretchy, and incredibly durable, but it is also naturally moisture-wicking, breathable, has anti-odour capabilities to keep odours at bay, gives UPF 50+ sun protection, is lightweight, and has anti-odour properties. The best news is that bamboo fabrics already have all of these properties, unlike synthetic fabrics, which require chemical treatments to get them. Due to the lack of dyes and chemical finishes that are present in so many other brands, sportswear manufactured from bamboo is probably less likely to irritate the skin of active people with sensitive skin.

Sportswear Fabrics

So far, we've learned that sportswear has to be comfortable and flexible enough to be worn while working out. The textiles utilised for this type of apparel have a 4-way stretch, allowing the fabric to move with your body. Although knits and woven could be included, they are by no means the only kind. The textiles often include moisture-wicking qualities, ensuring that you may perspire as much as you need to in order to burn calories and maintain your fitness level without having to worry about your clothing malfunctioning.

You may be sure that you will be completely supported by sportswear. Sportswear is available for you whether you've decided to do a cardio workout, a lot of stretching during a yoga session, or spend some time lifting weights in the gym.

Active Sportswear Products to Try

Leggings and sports bras are two of the most popular items of active attire. These two items can improve your life if you keep them in your closet. High-waist leggings are extremely versatile in terms of style and can be worn for both athletic activities and more laid-back occasions like going to the movies with friends or eating at a neighborhood restaurant. Leggings are an excellent choice for even the most strenuous sports classes because of their high degree of stretchability. Depending on the colour you choose, they can be worn with a pair of sneakers but also look great with heels or boots. Your leggings will work better for a casual gathering if the color is more subdued.


We hope that after reading more about sportswear, you have a better understanding of its nature, concept, and goal. People of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds enjoy wearing sportswear because it is fashionable and in style. It is a unifying style that gives us the confidence to face the day with a grin while also allowing us to feel at ease in our own skin and look gorgeous. We strongly urge you to try sportswear if you haven't already. Choose a pair of leggings and a sports bra that are appropriate for you to wear first.


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Updated on: 13-Oct-2022


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