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Behavioral interview questions are the questions starting with “Tell me a time you handled some situation”. They are an important step during the interview loop, yet people sometimes are not well prepared for them. They are important because interviewers use them to learn about your past and personal side, which are important in today’s world where “trust” is the most important thing in hiring. With the trend of remote hiring and cultural conflicts, it’s even more important to present yourself in a short amount of time.

This course is meant to be a checklist that enables you to use minimal time to prepare for the typical questions during a behavioral interview, and to stand out among candidates. The suggestions are from real world experience. I have given these suggestions to hundreds of graduates and professionals at all levels, and to help them get job offers from tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, startups, and so on. You can use them for any non-tech company as well.

For each question listed in this course, you'll learn -

  1. What the interviewers are looking for,
  2. What a so-so answer and an ideal answer look like,
  3. What are the pitfalls, ...

Leadership Principle questions are a typical set of behavioral questions from Amazon, I’ve included them as well.

Last, if you're aspiring to be a team lead or manager, I'll share some team leadership and management methods, such as what's management, how to delegate, how to give/take feedback as a manager, etc.

Besides interviews, you can also use tips in this course to improve your career performance. Let me know how it helps in your journey!


  • What interviewers are looking for behind those behavioral questions
  • How to answer behavioral questions and leadership principle questions during a job interview
  • What are the qualities needed to grow in your career


  • Anyone preparing for job interviews
  • Any professional that wants to develop leadership skills
  • Any hiring manager that looks for how to conduct an efficient job interview
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ACE Behavioral Question & Leadership Principle Job Interview
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