Accounting - The Foundation

Accounting - The Foundation

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Here we learn about the basics of financial accounting, financial reporting, it's functioning, the logic behind the double-entry recording scheme, and financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement).

To cover this part, we have taken various examples of comparative benefit, budgeting, and economics. Through these posts, you will learn the desired knowledge to attain employment, internships, and more. Simply put, our accounting resources will help you gain a better understanding of Accounting Fundamentals


  • Understanding Business Cycle: Through this Online Free Accounting Course, you will learn about the business cycle, the financial year, and the assessment year. This training will help you understand business better from a financial viewpoint.
  • Preparing Financial Statement: In this training, you learn the practical and theory of how to make a financial statement that is a Balance sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow statement, etc.
  • Golden Rules of Accounting: This Free Accounting Course will teach you the very basic and most important part of accounting that is the golden rules of accounting.
  • Accounting Standards: A set of principles are followed by an accountant, to maintain equality, which is known as accounting standards, you will learn about them in this course.
  • Taking good Financial Decision: This Online Free Accounting Course will teach how to estimate profits and losses, which will help to take a good managerial decision.
  • Reviewing statements for accuracy: You will learn how to review statements also with its preparation, to check the accuracy.


  • Passion to Learn: You must be passionate enough to learn and grow in your business or organization, without passion, you will never find interest in learning anything.
  • Computer/Laptop with an internet connection: As this course is online, you can take this course at your comfortable time and place, you just need to have your own computer/laptop to take this course.
  • Stationery: As this course demands to make a lot of financial statements, you will be needing all the necessary stationery and calculator to start with this course.
  • Basic Knowledge: Basic knowledge in accounting will help you grasp the teaching easily, though everything will be taught from scratch.
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  • An Introduction To Financial Accounting
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Accounting - The Foundation
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