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Access Masterclass - Level 1 & 2 - Beginner to Intermediate

Created by Ermin Dedic, Last Updated 17-Aug-2020, Language:English

Access Masterclass - Level 1 & 2 - Beginner to Intermediate

Manage Your Data Better with 6 Hours of Beginner to Intermediate Content on How to Take Advantage of Access & Excel

Created by Ermin Dedic, Last Updated 17-Aug-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Access Graphical User Interface and the 4 main objects (tables, reports, queries, and forms)
  • Excel to Access Import While Following All Database Principles
  • Access Macros - Discover How To Utilize Macros for simple tasks
  • Access VBA Will Allow You To Import Excel Into Access Using Code


  • Access version of some kind, MS Access 2013 to present verions is fine.


Microsoft Access is the perfect compliment to Microsoft Excel..but so many people under-utilize Access. 

We will start the course by exploring the Graphical User Interface but then build up to Access Macros and Access VBA. We will also look at how to build a database by following all database principles.

All this means that you will go beyond learning how to use an existing database. We will give you a hands-on illustration of the key database principles so you can begin building a database on your own.

You will begin by exploring the 4 main objects of Access (tables, reports, queries, and forms), and then you build on that by learning about how to properly build a database. 

We have seen quite a few courses online that do generally speaking teach Access well but then make fundamental mistakes when it comes to database design. These kinds of mistakes make it impossible to actually build a database on your own, unless the database is used for a trivial venture. You will learn about normalization, referential integrity, and other principles related to good database design.

For those of you spreadsheet experts from Excel, we have two course sections on importing Excel to Access via the GUI and Access VBA code. All of this while following database principles. If you're interested in learning the differences between Excel and Access, and how you may go about using both..this is a good opportunity.

This Microsoft Access Tutorial is perfect if you are a small business, or an individual, that needs to do a better job in terms of managing your data.  If you want your data organized, and prepared for analysis and reporting. This course is perfect for you.

Course Content

Ermin Dedic

All Things Data.

I have a passion for anything data, whether it is applying statistical methods to data more generally, or utilizing a data-driven approach in the Healthcare or Finance/Banking industries.

I studied Psychology for 6-years, including 2 years of Graduate school, where I was training to be a Child/School Psychologist. I had an opportunity to experience a blend of course work and clinical work but also recognize some of the problems facing the mental health system and graduate school system. 

While I did ultimately decide to voluntarily leave the Grad program, it is via academics that I fell in love with statistics and statistical software like SPSS/SAS.

It was my Graduate school experience that solidified my interest in teaching, and where I received a lot of great feedback on my teaching and teaching style.