ABAP CDS Made Easy

CDS - Cored Data Services - A Powerful concept of Code Push Down

  Pankaj Kumar

   Office Productivity, SAP, SAP ABAP

   Published on 10/2021



This course is about CDS - Core Data Services the most popular code push down Technique in SAP ERP world.

Existing ABAP knowledge will be helpful to excel in this concept.

This course has been designed keeping the novice developer in mind.

This course covers all the important aspects of CDS from Scratch to Advance.

This course will help you to understand the various use cases of CDS.

How CDS is so powerful in the current era.

Why we should go for CDS and what is the standard supposed to be taken care of while working with CDS.

VDM concept is the heart of CDS.

VDM has been covered in very much detail considering the real-time scenario.

What Will I Get ?

  • Introduction to Core Data Services

  • Limitations of AMDP and Benefits of CDS

  • SQL View

  • HANA View

  • CDS Development Environment

  • CDS Life Cycle Management( Transport Management )

  • CDS View Vs SQL View - Detail Comparison

  • CDS and Databases

  • Annotations

  • CDS Buffering

  • CDS Join

  • Parameterised CDS

  • CDS Association and Cardinality

  • Benefits of Association over JOIN

  • Association Vs Join

  • Types of Association - Adhoc Association and Exposed Association

  • Association and Path Expression

  • CDS Table Function

  • CDS Inbuilt Function

  • Creating OData from CDS using Annotation - very simple

  • How to register the ODATA Service

  • VDM - Virtual Data Model

  • Different Types of VDM and their annotations

  • Embedded Analytics

  • Transient Provider

  • CDS Performance

  • HANA Search

  • Fuzzy Search

  • Linguistic Search

  • Exact Search

  • Fault Tolerance Search

  • Languistic Search

  • Data Control Language

  • ALV IDA ( Integrated Data Access)


  • SAP ABAP Core Knowledge/Open SQL knowledge is highly recommended in order to understand the concept effectively

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ABAP CDS Made Easy
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