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A Practical Guide To SFDX and Salesforce CLI

Created by Manish Choudhari, Last Updated 19-Feb-2020, Language:English

A Practical Guide To SFDX and Salesforce CLI

A complete guide to SFDX and Salesforce CLI for rapid development on the Salesforce Platform

Created by Manish Choudhari, Last Updated 19-Feb-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • What is CLI & SFDX?
  • Demystifying a CLI Command
  • Deploy/Retrieve Metadata
  • Deploy/Retrieve Source Format Metadata
  • Query or Upload Data
  • Data Manipulation
  • Source Driven Development Lifecycle
  • Automation with Salesforce CLI


  • Basic understanding of Salesforce platform


SFDX and Salesforce CLI is not new, but the Salesforce industry is still transitioning to learn these technologies and adopt the SFDX approach in their projects. The course is designed to help you understand what SFDX is, how you can use the SFDX approach in your project, and why you should adopt the SFDX approach.

The course will help you understand the different features of Scratch Orgs and non-scratch Orgs, how Scratch Orgs can be useful in a Source Driven Development model. You will also get to learn the complete source drive development lifecycle.

The overall structure of the course is designed to help you start from the very basics of Salesforce CLI with a practical example along the way and gradually move towards the advance features like automation.

Who this course is for:

  • Salesforce Professionals
  • All Salesforce Developers
  • All Salesforce Admins

Course Content

Manish Choudhari

Salesforce Developer @Salesforce

I am a 14x certified Salesforce professional with over 5 years of experience with the Salesforce platform. So far I have worked on over a dozen Salesforce implementations, which gave me the opportunity to explore different features of this powerful platform.

Presently I am associated with Salesforce and contributing to product development.

I am mostly known by my blog "SFDCFacts" where I share my technical expertise and mini code examples with the community. I take free Salesforce webinars to teach Salesforce technology to everyone. You can usually find me speaking at public conferences in Indian Salesforce Community.

Over the years, my videos have been watched by thousands of Salesforce professionals around the globe on youtube which made my channel one of the top youtube channel to learn Salesforce.