A Practical approach to Effective Project Management

Simple approach to understand project management. Learn key concepts like Feasibility Study, Capital budgeting, Critical path, Floats, Earned value analysis, PMI-PMP formulae, PM Documents & many more.


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   Published on 06/2021



          Project management might turn out to be daunting task, if a PM does not understand the basic PM concepts, technique and frame work . On similar line, CAPM / PMP certification might look difficult if one does not have basis understanding on Project management concepts and approach.

The core of practical project management is an ability for keeping things simple. Not getting bogged down in lengthy and unwieldy processes. It does not mean cutting corners. Good project management practice is still necessary; it is about keeping it lean and mean. This, and getting the basics right, will help you deliver a successful project.

Following these basic principles will give your project a good start:

  • Keep it simple!
  • Identify the stakeholders
  • Ask who benefits? 
  • Gain agreement to proceed
  • Deliver the plan and compare with actuals. Take corrective action, when needed with appropriate approvals.
  • Follow the project idea through to use

This unique crash course is designed in such a way to provide anyone with interest on project management with good understanding on project management concepts.

It also focusses on some of the analytical calculations which is very much required in practical project management as well as for certification like,

  • Feasibility study - NPR, IRR, breakeven, Accounting Rate of Return - Prior start of project or the justification for the project, which are not looked at post starting the project, so a project manager might not focus on these. However, a project manager need to understand this prior starting any project which is in unique nature.
  •  Planning followed by execution and control is critical for success of the project. Here, project metrics and calculation are critical to check planned vs actual while executing the projection and a project manager need to have a good understanding on,
  • Earned Value Management - Many times overlooked by project manager attempting to satisfy client until project spending is more and/ or behind schedule. The 'wake u'  call might be late to save project getting into 'Red' Zone.
  • Critical Path, Floats.

Also, if you are interested in CAPM / PMP certification, PMBOK would look much easier to understand post completing this course.

Happy learning!!.

What Will I Get ?

  • Approach to Practical project management in quick time
  • Importance and different Feasibility study before start of any project, business or entreprenuership.
  • Concepts in capital budgeting for selection of projects/ business - NPV, IRR, Breakeven & Accounting Rate of return.
  • Earned value Management - Monitoring planned vs actuals
  • Critical Path, Floats and Gantt Chart in project scheduling
  • Tips to manage project successfully
  • Essential Project Management documents


  • Interest in Project management OR starting a career in Project management
  • Planning to PMP certification, and particularly wish understand project formulas, which is important not only from certification point of view but also on project scenario
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