A sheet of plywood, a piece of muslin cloth, and a transparent glass, all of the same size and shape were placed at A one by one in the arrangement shown in the figure.

Will the shadow be formed in each case? If yes

AcademicPhysicsNCERTClass 6

Yes, In each case the shadow will be formed but in all the cases, the darkness of the shadow will be different.

$(i)$. In the case of transparent glass sheet$\rightarrow$
Most of the light in the case of a transparent sheet of glass will pass through the glass. So, the darkness of shadow will be very low.

$(ii)$. In the case of muslin cloth$\rightarrow$
Most of the light in the case of muslin cloth will be reflected. So, the shadow will be darker than the transparent sheet of glass.

$(iii)$. In the case of plywood$\rightarrow$
While in the case of plywood, all the light would be stopped completely by the plywood. So, the darkness strength will be highest in this case.
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