A path $1\ m$ wide is built along the border and inside a square garden of side $30\ m$. Find:
$(i)$ the area of the path
$(ii)$ the cost of planting grass in the remaining portion of the garden at the rate of $₹\ 40\ per\ m^2$.

AcademicMathematicsNCERTClass 7

Area of the square garden$=\left(side\right)^2$

$=30\ m\times30\ m=900\ m^2$

Length if the garden excluding the path$=30\ m-2\times1\ m=28\ m$

Area of the garden excluding the path$=28\ m\times28\ m=784\ m^2$

$(i)$. Area of the path$= 900\ m^2-784\ m^2$

$=116\ m^2$

$(ii)$. Cost of the planting the remaining portion at the rate of $Rs\ 40\ per\ m^2$

$=Rs\ 40\times784=Rs\ 31,360$
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